New Music: Tyga f/ 2Pac & Jadakiss – ‘Hit ‘Em Up’

Hit Em Up

Tyga resurrects Tupac on “Hit ‘Em Up,” a posthumous collaboration off his new album Hotel California. The DJ Mustard-produced track samples the hook from C-Murder’s “Down 4 My Ni**az” and includes a previously unreleased verse from the late West Coast legend.

“A lot of people think it’s a remake of ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ his song—which it’s not a remake, it’s original,” Tyga told MTV News of the song, which borrows its title from Tupac’s 1996 Biggie diss. “When you’re talking about ‘Hit ‘Em Up’ you ain’t really dissing nobody, but you lettin’ it be known that you don’t rock with certain people.”

New York MC Jadakiss also makes an appearance, but Tyga originally had plans to feature another rapper. “I wanted Nicki to be on the song at first and then we never did it, so then I went back to the song later,” he said.

Due April 9, Hotel California also features collaborations with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Future, 2 Chainz, and Wiz Khalifa.

Take a ride on the west side with T-Raww and Tupac.

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  1. Hol'Up

    lol wtf is this? haha.. shit ass mucic


    iL0vee Reply:

    @Hol’Up, Sheeeeeeeeeeesssssssshhhh Was Tyga seriously high thinking this was OK ….
    This is an disappointment that they would even allow him to do thing record USING Pac vocals
    *Somebody say April Fools already


  2. K

    I think this is an april fools from them, otherwise he should quit making music and hide since he put pac on this shitty track


  3. cuuuntlover

    you a hoe


  4. JoJo

    lmaoooo is this a april fool joke ?


  5. C94B

    How long will the memory of 2Pac be disrespected ? Now TYGA, aka one of humanity’s biggest failures? That’s foul


    REAL SH!T Reply:

    @C94B, If Tyga is a failure why is he making more money than?


    C94B Reply:

    @REAL SH!T,

    Because as a rapper, he’s corny. Have you seen his album cover ? That says it all. But that’s not the most important. Most importantly, he’s fake. He claims he was raised in Compton, but he was raised in the valley. You don’t believe me ? Then check it, from his OWN MOUTH.

    Why is he making money ?

    1) Because he’s got people who actually think he lives up to everything he raps about,
    2) Because nowadays people won’t care about an rappers’s identity or authenticity as long as the music sounds nice.

    Mark my words, 2Pac would NEVER ride with such unauthentic rappers.


    REAL Reply:

    @C94B, I know that album cover for Hotel California is stoopid but he changed that to a cover with only the tiger. I have to admit that it’s fucked up that he lies about his past. But you gotta admit it maybe be fake (but that’s almost every rapper now unless NAS and some other)but it’s still mostly good music.


    channelPink Reply:

    @C94B, I don’t know about you but I liked his last album I slept on it until yesterday and I’m a fan of his ‘The Potential’ mixtape. I think his album flopped first week because of some clearance issue and so they had to ship the CD’s back. I wished it would’ve sold more.


  6. Zack

    Apparently i’m the only one who thinks this is really good, the best song of Hotel California so far.


  7. Chris

    At this point, Tyga’s music is better than Lil Wayne’s. That’s the honest truth.


  8. Grow up

    Wonder what 2pac would make of Tyga if he was here today.


  9. R M

    this is actually a very good song.


  10. NICK

    Tupac’s verse is from the song “Thugs get lonely too”


  11. Rob

    2Pac was the only good part.


  12. Genesis

    I like the song, but adding 2pac to the song..smh let us remember him for his own work which was way better..


  13. @Jay-Robertz

    Someone as basic as tyga shouldn;t be allowed to touch 2Pacs material


  14. MMG-Suede

    I actually love this tho


  15. Wow

    This is a disservice to 2pac #Fail!


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    [...] SPOTTED: ru [...]

  17. ♦CorCor♦




  18. old skool

    Why do these fake rappers keep wanting to be or have tupac on they’re album Tupac aint even on tyga level


  19. ♦CorCor♦

    Who is that rapping with 2pac?


  20. WTF

    Is this an April fools joke on his part? If not, him using 2pac is blasphemous.


  21. what

    what a fuckery. this lil bitch drinking too much sizzup… please OD and die already.


  22. E53

    What is this??


  23. gain muscle

    gain muscle || New Music: Tyga f/ 2Pac & Jadakiss – ‘Hit ‘Em Up’

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