Ashanti Sets ‘Braveheart’ Release Date


Ashanti fans, mark your calendars. The R&B songstress has set an official release date for her fifth album Braveheart.

The follow-up to 2008’s The Declaration will arrive on June 11 via Written Entertainment/eOne Music. The oft-delayed album has spawned the Busta Rhymes-assisted single “The Woman You Love,” “That’s What We Do” with R. Kelly, and the heartfelt ballad “Never Should Have.”

A video for the latter was recently shot in Santa Barbara, Calif., with director Sanji Senaka (Common, Jennifer Lopez) and will premiere later this month.

“It’s something for women, just being empowering. This album is something very deep,” Ashanti previously said of the project, which features production from Jerry Wonda, Detail, and Sak Pase. “I’m going places that I haven’t gone on different albums.”

Ashanti can also be seen as a regular on “Army Wives,” airings Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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  1. Trey

    No Comments. Haha. Seriously, I hope Ashanti can comeback with a new hit record so R&B can rule the charts again!





  3. Still Amazin

    Stil rooting for you girl. #TeamAshanti


  4. Kyle

    I got nothing but love for Ashanti. I hope this release date sticks and that we get the album in June. “Never Should Have” has the potential to be a hit so I hope she promotes it right.


  5. Kingofhearts



  6. James

    I hope this is a date that she actually set, because alot of the so called “push-backs” weren’t push-backs but blogs advertising the wrong date.


  7. anthony

    Ashanti!!!! Is back. I’m rooting for her big comeback… Ashanti need the right promotion for this new album. Right video and right promotion she will have a huge comeback. Hope she performs at this year BET Awards. Written Entertainment!!!


  8. Truth

    Thats What We Do was never an official single same with “No One Greater”. I think Ashanti should drop one more single right after Never Should Have something more uptempo on the lines of Only You that would be awesome. But i think Never Should Have will do really good on the charts i just have that feeling. And i know the video is gonna be amazing.


  9. gorit

    Queen Ashanti is back let’s welcome her


  10. Brina

    Can’t wait for #BraveHeart!!”:) #TeamAshanti


  11. Angel

    She has a hit on her hands where she could push decent numbers so hoefully she gets on grind mode. Not even the most popular artist are doing big numbers so anything can happen honestly. AND her music is shitting on half of whats out today. #REALTALK


  12. Danni

    Chile ….


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  14. Trina



  15. Will

    Ashanti can win if she promotes this album like crazy come june. Even with no radio play, if she make her normal rounds plus more, she can sell a descent amount of albums… If she do 50K or more, she’s winning!!! Especially with her releasing this on her own label. I do however hope this is NOT!!!!! the album cover, and she should release one very soon! Oh and i love the new single “Never Should Have” …


  16. Maze

    June 11th BABY!!! I’m most definitely getting my copy of Braveheart! I love Ashanti!


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  21. daryl

    u i sweeter than sugar


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