Brandy and Her Daughter Spend the Day at Disneyland

Brandy and Sy'rai

Following a busy week promoting her role in Tyler Perry’s Temptation, Brandy enjoyed some time off with her 10-year-old daughter Sy’rai. The two spent a leisurely day together at Disney California Adventure Park on Tuesday during Sy’rai’s spring break.

Brandy kept it casual in a head wrap, while Sy’rai wore her Mickey Mouse ears as they made their way around the park with a VIP escort. They had a blast riding in the front seat of California Screamin’ roller coaster and stuck their tongues out when they spotted the paparazzi.

Sy’rai will be the maid of honor in Brandy’s upcoming wedding to music executive Ryan Press. “She’s my best friend. I love her unconditionally,” she recently told Wendy Williams.

Check out more pics from their fun day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Sy'rai and Brandy

Sy'rai and Brandy


Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. RnbGenius

    awwwww so cuteeeeee


  2. Huh? She has a kid? for whom?


    Cmonson Reply:

    @™, Your mad late.


    wewe Reply:

    @Cmonson, *you’re


  3. EthiDOPEian

    She has Brandys smile, but everything else is her daddy! Sooooo adorable!



    now they know they didnt have to put that first picture up there of them making those faces, lmao… but thats wassup


  5. deeJay

    I always loved Brandy style, she seems to be a great mom. Looking good girl.


  6. Rob

    If I had a mother like her I would focus on music or something like that and start doing fitness such a shame


  7. minajspeado

    fuck her daughter lookin like lil kim for


    FOH Reply:

    @minajspeado, shes a child keep ur negative comments to urself wtf #norespect


  8. Jade

    Awwww. Her daughter is growing so fast!


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