Janelle Monáe Covers Jimi Hendrix on ‘Fallon’

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe paid tribute to Jimi Hendrix during her visit to “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” on Monday. The CoverGirl nailed her cover of the late legend’s “Little Wing” with some help from The Roots and a killer solo from her guitarist Kellindo Parker.

Janelle will play the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival later this month and is working on a new album.

Watch her rocking set below.

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  1. Kyle

    I love Janelle’s artistry and her guitarist killed it. Overall, it was a great performance. Seriously though, I hope she drops her new album this year. I have been waiting awhile now for it.


    Say word Reply:

    @Kyle, man, you ain’t never lie. I’ve been starving for some new janelle. Her music is for the soul. Have you heard electric lady, yet?


  2. KYLE


    I long for the day when Black artists go back to ‘Rock’ music again, or at least begin using majority ‘live instruments’ in their artistry.

    Jimi Hendrix & Lenny Kravitz are the only ‘post-modern’, famous, Black Rock acts we had – along with many others – I, also, know that many of them are underground but they need to work and get to the mainstream.

    GO JANELLE. She isn’t getting the promotion and marketing she deserves.


  3. Aspar

    Why is Janelle Monae covering a Jimi Hendrix song on Jimmy Fallon? If you’re looking to market an album or are trying to make an effort to stay relevant and you’re invited onto a popular late night TV show, wouldn’t the move be to perform one of your singles or your own songs? And if you’re going to cover Jimi Hendrix, it should be overwhelmingly good. This was mediocre at best. The guitarist did well but she was all over the place. Janelle is great, I like her stuff but I think this was a mistake. Hope it was an April fool’s joke!


    counterculture Reply:

    @Aspar, if she had a single to cover she would, i’m sure. however covering a legend of rock and roll such as the late jimi hendrix is an awesome move. his music was and is well known and also shows her versatility and, as we’ve seen, ability to put on a great show. she doesn’t necessarily need an effort to “remain relevant” as you put it because she is her own brand and recognizes this unlike many other artist who, dare we say it, “relevant”. remaining true to your own artistry is the key to making it in this industry, because as we’ve all seen, artists who lose themselves lose their fanship, musicality, etc. as for the performance, i thoroughly enjoyed it and it reminded me of her ‘come alive (war of the roses)’ “rock out” track off her debut album. i like janelle and like the direction she is going in so hopefully this is somewhat reminiscent of her next effort.


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