Lil Wayne’s ‘I Am Not a Human Being II’ Debuts at No. 2

Lil Wayne

A pop megastar and hip-hop icon faced off on the charts this week, but only one came out on top.

Lil Wayne’s album I Am Not a Human Being II enters at No. 2 on the Billboard 200, selling 217,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The project features the hit single “Love Me,” plus collaborations with 2 Chainz, Nicki Minaj, and Juicy J.

The first I Am Not a Human Being was released in September 2010 while Weezy was in jail, but still opened at No. 2 with first-week digital sales of 110,000 downloads. Following its physical release in October, the album sold 125,000 copies and jumped to No. 1 on the Billboard 200.

The Young Money rapper’s previous album, Tha Carter IV, opened at No. 1 in September 2011 with sales of 964,000 copies.

But Weezy was no match for Justin Timberlake, whose 20/20 Experience holds at No. 1, selling an additional 318,000 copies in his second week. The album has sold a combined 1.29 million in only two weeks, becoming the best-selling album this year.

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  1. Vershun

    he sucks anyway


    Sheed Reply:




    mulaa Reply:

    @Vershun, hater! What exactly have you accomplished in life? fuckoutta here with your hating ass


    meeeeeeeegh11 Reply:

    @Vershun, lil wayne should be first!!!!


  2. Jay

    Thats big for Lil wayne considering the fact the album really didn’t spawn any Big Hits and there was no promotion for it… Big up’s to him


    NICK Reply:

    @Jay, GOOD KUSH & ORANGE JUICE (bitches love me) ???????


  3. brasko801

    A hip-hop icon??? LOL


    ,. Reply:

    @brasko801, ofcourse he is what you laughing about.


    brasko801 Reply:

    @,., So explain
    to me the criteria of an icon?


  4. Ale

    Good job Wayne !!!!!


  5. Kyle

    Man, Justin Timberlake is killin’ em. Who else can be gone for 7 years and still come out like they never went anywhere?


    yung Reply:

    @Kyle, jt would have fizzled out by now if he “never went anywere” those sales are because of this whole return to music thing


  6. JHP

    Lil Wayne sells about as much as the B-List rappers when his album isn’t named “Tha Carter (Insert Roman Numeral)”. These numbers aren’t a flop by any means, but for a guy whose last album sold damn near a million in a week, despite leaking, that’s a pretty huge drop; he might not even go platinum this time around.


    VMili Reply:

    @JHP, agree


  7. Ralph

    Weezy F Baby and the F stands for FLOPPIN


  8. EthiDOPEian

    His music sucks. I miss mixtape Wayne!!


    Cat Reply:

    @EthiDOPEian, yes he need to go back to the old weezy


  9. asvp rich

    any other rapper (apart from maybe drake, kanye and jay z and a couple others) would be happy with these numbers. considering he only put minimal effort into it hes done very well, and this is from someone who hasnt heard the album and isnt a big wayne fan


  10. Shutterbug

    So, how’d Papoose’s “The Nacirema Dream” do? It was actually a pretty solid album; standout tracks being “Cure” (ft. Erykah Badu), “Pimpin’ Won’t Die,” “Turn it Up” (ft. DJ Premier), “R.I.P,” and of course “Alphabetical Slaughter Pt. II (Z to A)”


  11. Sixpacks

    Can’t fault him at all given he been fell off at that…

    Congrats Tune!


  12. Zack

    Liked all his music until this. It was really bad, the four singles were the only good ones, with No Worries being wack as fuck and RAF getting boring quick.


  13. Killer

    he is the best rapper you are mad because he has money and it is nothing you are anybody can do about so suck it up peace!


  14. jpellzz

    how many tracks are on it


  15. pete

    hospital prunk didnt even help his sales


  16. pete

    same shit songs every album


  17. Nuff Said

    Damn JT is killing the competition. 318k in the second week out is better than 90% of artists first week sales lmao


  18. ywa

    I think lilly should retire


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