Nardwuar and Pusha T
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Pusha T Talks Missy Elliott, Bulletproof Vests with Nardwuar

Pusha T met up with Nardwuar during his visit to Austin, Texas, for SXSW. As always, the quirky Canadian journalist came bearing gifts including a Wu-Tang chess set and UTFO and Big Daddy Kane albums.

“First of all, I came to the conclusion Big Daddy Kane was my favorite rapper just recently while I was creating Wrath of Caine,” said Pusha.

He spoke about wearing a bulletproof vest while performing for drug dealers and the time Pharrell threatened to give the Clipse’s “Grindin'” beat to Jay-Z.

“I feel like Pusha and Jay both do the same things,” said Pharrell. “Jay always wants to hear what Pusha’s not taking and Pusha always wants to hear what Jay’s not taking.”

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper also shared his love for Missy Elliott. “Missy surpassed everybody as far as being an innovator videowise, songwise, songwriter. She’s done too much. Missy’s my hero, personally.”

He apologized for not looking fresh and swapped clothing with Nardwuar for the photo.

  • joey

    missy and pusha on a track though….


      They did record together its called
      “This Track Is Stoopid”

  • Mrunhateable

    And no one cared lmao

  • channelPink

    he’s fat and ugly

  • Dave

    Missy >>>>>>>>>

  • Hov

    lol pusha is like 40 and looks like a rat and has no album out

  • Humz

    Wow… he dropped the records…

  • Pereezy YMCMB.MMG

    Damn!!! I mean WTF is Pusha doin’ in The RapGame??!??.
    He Drops No Album, He only Drops One Mixtape in 3 Years, he doesn’t feauture.

    Man!!! F**k Pusha and Anybody that likes him.

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