The-Dream Enlists Beyoncé for ‘IV Play,’ Confirms New Jay-Z Album


With his new album IV Play due May 28, The-Dream has been all over radio and television promoting the project. He stopped by BET’s “106 & Park” on Tuesday, where he revealed some of the superstar guests including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland, and Big Sean.

“This album, I’m pushing the envelope and I understand what comes with that,” he said of the follow-up to last year’s Terius Nash: 1977. “Sometimes we don’t get it immediately because you can be so far in front. I’m hearing things on the radio that I was doing in ’07 and I’m glad that it’s like that, but it kills me because I’m trying to move the needle.”

During his visit to Angie Martinez on Hot 97, he spoke more about the Beyoncé collaboration, which Angie described as “very sexual.”

“She’s talking about her man, hopefully,” he said. “She was talking that talk. That was one of the best performances I’ve heard from her in a cultural type of way.”

He also confirmed that he has been in the studio with Jay-Z, who is working on a new album. “Yeah, I think everybody knows that,” said Dream.

Things got awkward when he visited Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club.” After being berated by Charlamagne, he spoke about wearing his “swap meet hat” to the Grammys, his relationship with Jay-Z, his love life, and Keyshia Cole’s “beef” with Beyoncé.

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    Trillafood Reply:

    @TIFFANY, yes Beyoncé. That’s the least she can do since he’s responsible for most of songs and her biggest hit Single Ladies.


  2. Jay-Me

    Can’t wait for those collaborations. He makes better music for other artists so they’ll be great. I love him more as a producer.


  3. mumi

    wooop woooop!


  4. Aaron



  5. LOKO

    GENIUS! LOVE THIS GUY! #IVPlay >>> #20/20


  6. Prettyboyflyod

    Can’t wait for Hov new album. Its been four years since the bp3.



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    ed Reply:

    @FLOPPYICON AKA ROXIE ICON, Damn, get a life. There’s a whole wide world out there waiting for you. Fresh air is an amazing thing.





  9. Vershun



  10. Big v

    that’s wassup


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