Video: Iggy Azalea – ‘Slo’

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea steals the screen in the avant-garde video for “Slo.” In the Rankin-directed clip, the Wilhelmina model looks gorgeous in black and white as she struts in her designer wardrobe and flips her blonde ponytail.

The Diplo and FKi-produced song appears on Iggy’s latest mixtape TrapGold, which was released in October.

She recently wrapped a European tour with Nas and 2 Chainz and is gearing up for the release of her debut The New Classic. The video for the first single, “Work,” has already received over 3 million views on VEVO.


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  1. Drea

    I love her!!! This song is amazing too


  2. Trey

    I’m feelin’ this joint. The singer’s ad-libs make this record super ill.


  3. Boom

    At first I wasn’t feeling Iggy Azalea, but she’s growing on me “Little By Little. I’d rather deal with her than Azealia Banks, because that girl stay with too much drama.


    Lea Reply:

    @Boom, Deal with? because your small mind can’t let you like more than a female rapper? Why do you had to mention Azealia first?


    Boom Reply:

    @Lea, Deal with meaning- -> the girl is okay, her music doesn’t move me! She’s nice but she just needs to come harder.


  4. TrinaFan

    Always killin it! That’s my girl!


  5. lighter

    I like this song BUT I wish she stop like rapping in that phone filter sound its annoying but the song is nice!



    private vid???


    Dwk1991 Reply:

    @PRINCE OF POP, I can’t watch either :(


  7. Zave

    Yes Iggy slay yo!!! I think she’s next!! Nicki stamp of approval.



    iggy please come harder.
    that first single was weak
    with a nice video.


  9. Trina

    This song is ok. @Queen Minaj work is a great song and the video is a smash.


  10. Sassyandclassy

    Not another video from this white tramp she can’t even rap thank god it’s private


    Still Amazin Reply:

    @Sassyandclassy, Well bitch why’d you come to watch it? Contradicting yourself sassyandclassy=easyandsleezy


    Sassyandclassy Reply:

    @Still Amazin, She awful just like I thought wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fake ass rapper


  11. relvry

    I’m really liking the momentum iggy has going right now. I hope she stays consistent. She has a lot of potential.


  12. Angel

    she has potential to be big. Ive been feeling her lately at first i thought she was sack. Good job iggy!


  13. bibi93

    We love you Iggy!!


  14. Azalean Queen



  15. christ

    That she’s comin the new classic will sell hustle gang


  16. MelyB

    Tried to listen to her mixtape – her voice & flow are WACK & annoying. She is a “JLo” type of artist who needs visuals to get people interested. I don’t get that she is interested in hip hop but is using it to jump her career off to get into modeling and/or acting.


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