New Music: Tiara Thomas – ‘Bad’ (Solo Version)

Tiara Thomas

Wale has been scoring major points with the ladies with his Gifted single “Bad.” The song has been rising up the charts, thanks in part to Tiara Thomas. The Indiana singer/songwriter/guitarist recorded a solo version, which was actually the original before Wale made it his single.

“It’s like a girl anthem and that’s what I like so much about it,” the 23-year-old told Billboard. “You wouldn’t think that he would do that—a rapper puts out a girl anthem. But it’s true and it’s real. I think that’s why people connect with it.”

Expect to hear more from the talented Tiara. Her debut Sallie Mae, a collection of genre-bending R&B and pop songs, is set for release later this year.


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  1. J. Vryheid

    She’s representing Indianapolis effortlessly….


  2. MaHJ

    I love this song so much! Def a anthem! A HOTT one at that


  3. teeno_rihannanavy

    Its kinda of dope..i like both versions


  4. Zack

    Meh, was better with Wale.


  5. Tev Milli

    Rap-Up y’all late wit this one…..
    this wayyy better then the Wale mix


  6. Jan

    This is the best R&B song of this year so far.


  7. TIB

    Lifting a verse from “Some Cut” – haven’t heard that song in a min


  8. Ice

    That Some Cut verse was random as heck, I wonder why they replaced the verse with a sample of the Some Cut beat. It’s genius, but random.


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