Tamar Braxton Talks Pregnancy, New Single on ‘106 & Park’

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton provided plenty of laughs when she stopped by “106 & Park” on Wednesday. Wearing the Kanye West-designed Giuseppe shoes (despite her sister Toni’s advice not to wear heels), the glowing mom-to-be spoke about joining the mommy club, her food cravings (cheddar and potato chips and a Dairy Queen Blizzard), and her new album.

The “Love and War” singer addressed reports that she’s having a son after her friend Tiny spilled the beans. “I don’t believe that she did and I’m gonna leave it at that,” said Tamar.

Whether boy or girl, you can expect the little Tamartian to appear on her reality show “Braxton Family Values.” “I’m sure the baby will be on there. I don’t know how much right now,” she said, adding, “My baby does the ‘Gangnam Condom Style’ dance all day.”

Tamar has a new single dropping in the next two weeks and her album is due by the end of the summer on Epic Records. “It’s almost done. We’re 85 percent there,” said Tamar, who plans to give fans something they can “pop, lock, and drop” to.

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  1. WASHED UP!!!


  2. lighter



  3. Frankie



  4. ETC3

    Who cares.


  5. x

    For folks who don’t like or care for Tamar Braxton ya’ll are sure checkin’ for her. Otherwise why would you read this article or even comment on it. Seems suspect to me. If I don’t like an artist, I never click the link. :)
    Tamar is a wonderful woman who will get all my support in buying her music and attending her concerts. And I wish her all the best. GOD Bless.


  6. Ursula

    She is too damn ugly to be so judgmental.


  7. Dante

    BET chose some horrible hosts for 106 tho…


  8. WOWER

    This interview didn’t flow well, to me.


  9. turquoise.

    Tamar is wack. I don’t see her being successful. Her lack of stage presence doesn’t match her cocky attitude.



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  11. P. Smith

    Some of you are so judgmental and down right mean. I agree with X 100%. If you don’t like her, why comment. Tamar is being Tamar, why does it bother you so much. Tamar is “doing the damn thang”… What are you doing???


  12. Lisa A

    Hi Tamar I don’t kn what happeatn 2 wh at I type u just now. I just want 2 say love ur family showa with ur sisters but ur 2 talkitive


  13. Lisa A

    Why this will not let me get 2 u I do2 keep typoping like thisn’t kn but maybe I have through bcz it will not li would like 2 say I like ur family show .et me do it any other way.


  14. Mimi

    Tamar is growin up, allow her to grow, yes there are a couple in the family that appear to be a little jealous (due to their shortcomings) but guess what, they are family and still love each other. The bottom line, of Toni dies watch the family come together. All the fighting and jealousy is not worth it. To those that wish to put the Braxton’s down in a non respectful manner, you most likely are a hater. I am very happy to see Ms E nd their father come together as parents in the interest of their adult children. Do we ever really not need the wise counsel of our parents? I pray for Towanda, I see her as the primary instigator in the group. I wish them all well.


  15. x

    Good points Mimi. However, consider this re: jealously. If you read Towanda’s tweets from Thursday nite, she explains why she has an issue with Tamar and it appears very valid. It seems that Tamar changed the date of her showcase and didn’t tell Towanda. So Towanda flew from Atl to LA for nothing and Tamar wouldn’t see her when she tried to talk to her about it. If my sister pulled something like that on me, I’d be pissed too. The editing is making these ‘disagreements’ look like they make no sense. But as you’ll also see in their recent interviews they got Tamar in line and she has learned a lesson, which I knew she would, in time. I’m sooo proud of her. We all go thru this sort of thing as we grow.


  16. Lisa A

    Hey Tamar do u sister ever where ur real hair would love 2 se


  17. Lisa A

    Hey Tamar do u & ur sister ever wea u real hair want r& why don’t u don’t u get tire of wearing weaves let ur hair breathe.


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