Kelly Rowland Brushes Off Keyshia Cole, Plots Tour with The-Dream

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland was back in the hot seat during her visit to Power 105′s “The Breakfast Club” on Friday. In addition to getting hit on by Charlamagne, the “Kisses Down Low” singer spoke about topics ranging from oral sex to her new album to a Destiny’s Child reunion.

“I am in love with this album,” said Kelly of Talk a Good Game, due in June. The project features production from T-Minus, Boi-1da, Pharrell, Kevin Cossom, Mike WiLL Made It, and The-Dream, who she may tour with.

She explained why she was crying in a photo taken on her birthday (“I had an epiphany about life”) and why she doesn’t want a family right now. Plus, she once again shared her thoughts on Keyshia Cole’s Beyoncé comments and defended B’s controversial record “Bow Down.”

Read highlights from the interview below.

On whether she would go on a date with Jamie Foxx: “That would be weird because Jamie’s my boy.”

On performing at the Super Bowl with Beyoncé: “I don’t remember what happened on stage… I think that it was just a moment that was just so surreal to completely be honest and I’ll never know what it felt like.”

On the photo of her crying on her birthday: “On my birthday, I had an epiphany about life and it made me very emotional. It’s corny. I was thinking about family, I was thinking about friendship, I was thinking about the things that I want and the things that I haven’t yet conquered. I was just so happy.”

On starting a family: “I truly believe that whenever it’s my time to be married and have a child, I will. In all honesty, I am still selfish. I like to get up whenever I feel like it. I like my life the way it is right now.”

On starting the EDM trend: “After I did ‘When Love Takes Over,’ everybody started doing it. It started to become a trend in the states… It was a beautiful mistake.”

On working with The-Dream: “He pushed me to do something different and to be completely stripped and honest on the record.”

On Keyshia Cole’s jabs at Beyoncé and Michelle: “I think silence is the best power because you don’t have to say nothing. They did all the talk. Just talk, keep talking. But I don’t think that it’s important to fire back ’cause you’re just fueling the fire. You don’t have to do that. It’s just ridiculous. We too grown for that stuff.”

On Destiny’s Child: “We haven’t talked about an album. We haven’t talked about a tour. B’s about to go do her tour. I have collaborated with Dream. Dream and I are talking about doing a tour.”

On “Bow Down”: “I do like the ‘Bow Down’ record. I think that when you understand who you are as a woman, you can accept the record. People gon’ talk. Who cares? Who gives a crap? You’re an artist, you’re allowed to try out different things and see what you wanna do. We’re all blessed to have freedom.”

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  1. xedos

    Kelly have several seats you did not start no EDM trend. Rihanna started that in 2007 with “please don’t stop the music” your ass was still flooping all over the place and people was blaming Matthew. Gaga came after rihanna .


    ummm Reply:

    @xedos, Bish!!! shut the hell up… she was referring to urban artist… Rihannna is pop…she’s just considerered R&B because she’s black!!! get a life.


    Justice league Reply:

    @ummm, Rihanna has done PLENTY OF R&B tracks. She does both


    lexi Reply:

    @Justice league, It doesn’t really matter, Rihanna calls herself a pop artist, and she is a great one. Also Kelly kiss down low is not R&B, it a pop song, but there is nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t matter what the genre as long as it good.


    Daa Reply:

    @xedos, iLOVE her but after we found love all I heard was EDM


    Chris Reply:

    @xedos, Please don’t stop the music isn’t EDM. It is a dance track, but its not EDM. And I’m not even a big Kelly Rowland fan but I’ll let her have her credit, she was the first American artist I heard with an EDM track.


  2. xedos

    Have several seats Kelly. In 2007 you were not doing shit while Rihanna was doing “please don’t stop the music”. That’s when the EDM craze started Gaga came after that with her first album and continue the trend not you.your ass was flopping all over the place and people was blaming Beyonce and Matthew.


    Superiority Reply:

    @xedos, EDM? No. That’s just Dance.


  3. Chima omereji

    Good interview…..Ms.kelly


  4. ummm

    amazing personality!!!!


  5. BEYHIVE2013

    That’s right Kellz get your sister’s back!


  6. Erik Washington

    Good interview. Love the way Kelly and Bey use their art as an extention of their personhal values and selves. Gifted ladies.


  7. Chicago

    Love kellz


  8. BreezyLover


    They always ask her about Beyonce. Never understood why Kelly is so succesful, nothing special about her.


  9. boom boom

    hoe please.
    Riri was the one that started making the TREND popular, not your flopping ass.
    First off with Don’t Stop the Music, then Only Girl(In The World) after that the sucessful ass We Found Love.


    E53 Reply:

    @boom boom, Um. No woman or man. EDM is Electronic Dance Music. Only Girl-is pop. Please Don’t Stop The Music is Dance. Hoe please, sit down.


  10. Eder

    Como a memória das pessoas são curtas, não foi a Rihanna que começou EDM com Please dont stop the music, ouça JLo primeiro com Waiting for tonight, Play e veja q Rihanna imitou Beyonce e se saiu muito bem no nicho da JLo. E Kelly é um milhão de vezes melhor que Rihanna, só não se mete em polêmica! Apenas isso!


    E53 Reply:

    @Eder, Y U No Speaking English?


  11. RocNation

    Kelly Rowland is dope as fuck… I don’t really like dance music, however when love takes over was a monster hit & she got writing credits….


  12. Myrl22

    lovely, just an amazing interview… cant wait for the entire album. in the meantime, please step up ur promo game and start promoting KDL… LOVE YOU REGARDLESS OF YOUR COMMERCIAL SUCCESS OR NOT… you are my “FF” Forever Favorite


  13. Simone

    I swear black females and yes Im black argue over nonsense. Thats why we can’t get nowhere. Who cares who started what ,is it really that serious?. Be so offended and don’t even know these, I bet Riri won’t get on here and say thank you for sticking up for me. Find something productive to do.


  14. eurogirl

    neither of them started dance trend. in europe we have have dance for decades its normal to us. but i quess for you guys its not. there are so many dance acts that you guys dont even hear about. americans especially afro americans, hated dance and all of that. i remember interviews from artists laughing about the european dance, techno music. now i’m laughing my ass of some of them doing this kinda music. i love dance music i love music in general


  15. DC

    Who is that ol’ crusty azz negro hating on Keyshia Cole… Whats lame is his game and as apparent by his own words his head game too! Have a seat!


  16. Jay-Me

    I’m excited.


  17. Kate

    I love you kelly


  18. Darius

    She should go on tour with Trey Songz instead to be honest!


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