Kelly Rowland Reunites with Beyoncé, Michelle Williams on ‘Talk a Good Game’

Destiny's Child

A Destiny’s Child reunion may not be happening anytime soon, but Kelly Rowland is bringing her groupmates together for her new album.

Beyoncé and Michelle Williams appear alongside Kelly on a record off Talk a Good Game. “It’s not a Destiny’s Child track, it’s me featuring Beyoncé and Michelle,” Kelly told Billboard, describing the sound as “soulllllll.”

The record marks the ladies’ first collaboration since the Pharrell-produced “Nuclear,” which appeared on the DC compilation Love Songs.

She also has a song featuring Wiz Khalifa and a duet with Pharrell. Other producers on the album include The-Dream, Mike WILL Made It, Boi-1da, and T-Minus. She logged studio time with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, but those tracks didn’t make the final cut.

Kelly recorded around 70 songs and had to narrow it down to 12. “I kept going back and forth with my A&R and my manager, we’ve all been on this incredible journey together, and they’re just like ‘Save it for the next album!’ Because you just get so passionate and excited about these songs, you lived with them, you birthed them along with the producers. You become so attached.”

The music was inspired by classic R&B including New Edition, Pebbles, and Babyface. “[It] feels like everything I wanted to make as far as music and R&B,” she said of the follow-up to 2011′s Here I Am. “I wanted to make sure my roots were really pronounced on this album.”

Talk a Good Game is due June 4 on Universal Republic.

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  1. Real20



  2. Trent

    Can’t wait!!!!!


    jety8892 Reply:



  3. hones_T

    That Ms. Kelly was sooooo underrated.


  4. Still Amazin

    Yes to the “not Destiny’s Child.” & YES to the featuring Beyonce & Michelle.


  5. Chauncey

    We’ll see, Kelly.


    willpower Reply:

    @Chauncey, shut your stupid ass up. kelly makes more money and lives better than ur sorry ass



    Out of 70 songs she chooses 12???????!!!!!!!! I love you anyway Kelly. Looking forward to that DC3 track tho!


    Miguel Reply:

    @MEETXR, …Music 101: Labels only allow you to have a certain number of tracks on an album. Any bonus tracks is out of the artists pockets. ;)


  7. Kyle

    So Kelly and Ciara are dropping their albums on the same day? I KNOW one of them is going to either push theirs forward or back.


    willpower Reply:

    @Kyle, no they wont. both will be good while you continue suffering


    Kyle Reply:

    @willpower, are you serious!? I didn’t mean anything negative by that at all. I love both of these ladies so I’ll be buying both. But I guess I’ll be suffering by deciding which one to listen to in my car first so you’re kind of right. So exicted!!! Ciara and Kelly I’m READY.


  8. muni

    Yes, Love you Kelz, this will be your biggest album yet keep it up baby.


  9. Jay-Me

    Cannot wait. I love the Ice & the direction Kelly’s headed in with her music. Kelly, Beyoncé & Michelle on a track together will be fire.


  10. JFB



  11. Speechless

    My body is ready!!!


  12. Kate

    Go kelly! I love you! Cant wait


  13. Jay

    I love these girls!!!! The ladies of DC3!!!! I definitely can’t wait to hear this!!!! Ms Kelly is still one of my favorite albums and Simply Deep is a classic. And I love that picture. HA! :)


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  15. Rakiyah chatmen

    I am so excited for my Fave @KELLYROWLAND. Cannot wait for this album Feeling like this will be Her biggest album to date. She will Slay with this 1. Don’t believe me just Watch, Watch!!


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