New Music: The-Dream – ‘IV Play’


The-Dream doesn’t have time for foreplay. The Radio Killa cuts right to the chase on “IV Play,” the sexually-charged title track to his upcoming album.

“I can give a fuck about the foreplay, I want it now/ I’m talkin’ straight sex, stop fucking around,” demands a horny Dream on the bedroom banger.

Due May 28, IV Play features Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Kelly Rowland, and Big Sean.

[Rolling Stone]

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  1. GF



  2. SupaCi


    This and Dope Bitch are the only songs I’m loving.


  3. Ice



  4. LOKO

    best song of 2013, without a shadow of a doubt… giving me falsetto teas right now, simply amazing. #IVPLAY will be the album of 2013!


  5. RNB 4 evah

    love this one! good!!!


  6. Tasha32

    OMG, LOVIN it. The beat is hot and just chill. Would sound REALLY good in my car. Cant wait to download it! Keep this up and I might have to cop the album :)


  7. lisaramirez

    This got my panties soaked.
    Somebody needs to come get this p…


    Whitney Reply:

    @lisaramirez, Girl, cool your little hot panties down!


    Ice Reply:

    @Whitney, You’re killin the vibe, this is what The-Dream intended.


  8. Miguel

    As much as I don’t like his personality, I love his music. It’s like Falsetto’s nasty older brother. They share the same bass line.


  9. Marii Knowles

    It was good until the first verse.


  10. Mr. Fye

    THANK GOD, I thought I was gonna be buying a album just to support a favorite. But this song let me know Ill have no worries. Cause im not gonna lie I dont like Slow Down or Dope Chick


  11. Peking Duck

    Why the hell isn’t this the first single? Got me humping my chair lol.


  12. chep

    THE-DREAM THE 2013 is Yours


  13. PHILL



  14. mrsotw

    i like this joint


  15. Kate

    Talanted guy. Pls dont write songs for other artists becouse people think than beyonce, rihanna and etc wrote their own songs


  16. Savt1st

    R&b coming back…..dope chorus!


  17. Frenchie

    Its a radio killaa killaaa, there aint nothin’ illa illa….


  18. ooo

    falsetto pt.2


  19. Kenyon Green



  20. Mick_Knox

    Yeah thanks Dream…my girl and I might have another dream cd to groove to….


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