Ray J Says Kim Kardashian Song Is All in Fun

Ray J and Kim Kardashian

Ray J has been making waves with his Kim Kardashian ode “I Hit It First,” which has been criticized for being insensitive to the pregnant star. But the R&B singer is downplaying the seriousness of the song, saying it was all in fun.

During a call with “The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show,” Ray J said that people are taking things too seriously. “It’s a song. It’s not about that. It’s about a concept. People going way too deep,” he said.

His intention was not to offend Kanye’s baby mama. “I’m not trying to create no war. It’s all love.”

When reminded that Kim is pregnant and in a relationship, he laughed. “I think people digging into it too deep. It’s a song, we just having fun. That’s it.”

He’s never run into Kanye, but doesn’t intend for there to be any problems. “It’s not a war. It’s not a diss song. We just havin’ fun. Bring it back to the song. That’s all I’m on.”

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  1. weq

    Coward. Cant even stand by his own words. COWARD


    Dr. Archbishop Oprah Reply:

    @weq, he’s a child


  2. H.N.I.C

    …this kid is pathetic. i wish him well.


  3. One

    i for one support Ray J its not like he’s lying. He’s singing about the truth and that the harsh reality.

    Thats life.


    MusicJunkie Reply:

    @One, Right ‘ She Just A Bop . he Put her on .


    T Reply:

    @MusicJunkie, just a ‘Bop’? So they weren’t in a relationship for like 2 years? He didn’t hire his girlfriend as his stylist? He didn’t try and trick on Kim K with his mom credit card (which was funded by Big sis Brandy’s income)? Then lie about he didn’t know she had when his mom confronted him? FOH. This man is tryna look like a pimp dogging out a girl he was in a relationship with because popular opinion is against her even tho he’s just as skeezy. A LAME.


    Lawd Reply:

    @One, No Ray J is wrong and he’s being bitter. Kim and Ray J dated for years, she wasn’t some groupie bop, they were in a relationship that ended like 7 years ago. What man sings about some girl he broke up with almost a decade ago, Kim has moved on and it’s clear Ray J can’t.


    TRRUUUUU Reply:

    @One, well technically he is lying due to the fact that she was married before him and you don’t just learn skills like she had over night. So at most he hit it, he hit it, he hit it, he hit it, he hit it, he it 2nd


  4. Speechless

    So if it’s not a diss then why is the single cover a blurred pic of Kim? You not fooling nobody.


    Hov Reply:

    @Speechless, would it be any different if the pic wasnt blurred? smh get your dumbass out of here


    weq Reply:

    @Hov, ^ummm you missed speechless’ point. Ray J is denying that it was about her. If its not about her, then why use a scrambled picture of her? Try to keep up turtle.


    Mohamed Reply:

    @Speechless, Because she s*cked his big black d*ck on camera and got 20 something t.v. shows from it. He reserves the right to put her picture on his single cover.


  5. EdgarC

    Ray J is pathetic.


  6. Still Amazin



  7. Nathan

    How foolish does he think we are?


  8. Sam Lewis

    Ray J is a has been and needs the attention. Why is he always around were controversy is.. Look at Whitney now Kim… Ray J just fade away dude your nothing without your sister.


  9. [email protected]

    You can tell Ray J is poor and has hit rock bottom because he is pulling stunts like this to gain attention. He has no class at all.


    meme Reply:

    @[email protected], he is def poor. I would be upset and desperate too if my ex was a popular millionaire having a baby by another popular multi millionaire. Meanwhile all my bills are behind. So yea Ray J, go right ahead. The $5000 your azz gonna make off of itunes from this track should be able to help you catch up on your behind payments.


  10. Chyenne

    He’s pathetic, he put Kim on the cover and is clearly talking about her but he’s too much of a coward to own up to it.


  11. saskia

    nobody’s checking for you.


  12. valerie

    ray j is such garbage.


  13. flawda

    how is Ray J gonna put anyone on when he was never on. You’re Brandy’s little brother and that’s it.

    Dude is tacky as hell with his per-pubescent voice!


  14. Mohamed

    Smh at everyone hating on Ray J. He was the one blamed for Kim’s whorish ways and that sextape. Kim profited from it and is celebrated for being a total sleaze. If this world is supposedly so misogynistic why is everyone aiming at Ray J?


    Sheed Reply:

    @Mohamed, kim was dating him..so thy had sex duhh…


  15. Sheed

    This is sad cuz this will egativly impact him
    Its not a manly thnk to act like ht…hes doing bych sht..being a coward..


  16. Tawana

    pull up the interview with ray j & his family on the wendy williams show where his own mother tells wendy that her son & kim dated for 5 yrs and that the video was private & that he should have never made the video public, the video was suppose to be something just for the two of them


  17. jules

    Ray J has been attacking Kim on twitter and now the record and he doesn’t want to “OWN IT”. Not only is Ray J a DESPERATE BROKE FAILURE, HE’S JUST A STRAIGHT UP SUCKER. When will Ray J move on with his life cuz after this he will never have a career in nothing on TV. He just wasted his last 50 cent on garbage. What a loser


  18. jules

    Ray J has been attacking Kim on twitter and now the record and he doesn’t want to “OWN IT.” Ray J is desperate, broke and a failure who wants to be relevant in someone else world. Ray J needs to get over Kim and get a life all of his own


  19. kelly

    i like the song and its catchy, ray j has a hit with this one.


  20. justinAngel

    This is kinda off topic, but if Teairra Mari was smart, she’d leave this punk alone. Idk what she wants with him but I bet money it won’t last lol. He’s already a coward for saying the song is just for fun, & even more of a coward for the cover of the single which IS a blurred picture of Kim. This fool must really think we’re all stupid. Like @Lawd above said, who the hell sings about someone they were with almost 10 years ago? I don’t see Usher still singing about Chilli or JT still making songs aimed at Britney Spears. This dude needs to have several seats smh lmao.


  21. Moska

    He may of hit it first but i’m sure kim doesn’t have to fake it with kanyelije she does in the video!!!! Your a loser ray j pack up and go


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