Video: Becky G – ‘Becky From the Block’

Jennifer Lopez and Becky G

Becky G takes it back to her ‘hood in the video for “Becky From the Block,” her remake of Jennifer Lopez’ 2002 hit “Jenny From the Block.”

The 16-year-old rapper, who is signed to Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, gives her fans a tour of her native Inglewood, visiting the Forum, corner store, and her house, with cameos from her family including her parents, grandmothers, and brother.

“I won’t stop till I get to the top/ I’m so Becky from the block/ Always had a little but I want a lot,” raps the pint-sized MC, who was featured on the rap remix to Ke$ha’s “Die Young.”

The video even includes a cameo from J.Lo, who picks up Becky in an old school whip with her boyfriend Casper Smart.

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  1. Joey

    Dope!!! She’s on that Cher Lloyd song I like her!!!!


    iL0vee Reply:

    @Joey, She is dope .. Enough said
    Plus she got J.Lo supporting her … Mark my words people gonna have to watch out for her


  2. TrinaFan



  3. jeremydante

    cute girl, love the j. lo cameo. room for improvement with the writing, but not horrible. a work in progress. potential, for sure.


  4. FFS

    This is shocking.

    I can never listen to Jenny From The Block ever again.




    rap-up if it ain’t beyonce “Grown Woman” don’t post it


    thanks xoxoxo


    2bad2bme Reply:



    4 Reply:

    @H00DRATDREAMZZ, For real I don’t know how many times I have refreshed this site for an update hopefully hearing Beyonce “Grown Woman” lol


    Oh God Why Reply:



  6. jefferysaywhat

    I cannot wait to see what this new femcee Becky G. has instored and brings to the Music Industry. I like her but this song has to grow on me and nice J. Lo cameo.


  7. Tango P.i

    you hoes are brain washed. you don’t notice something fresh if it isnt over glossed and sexed the fuck up. give props where its due. she dint bend the record but she did her thang… WEST WEST


  8. RNB 4 evah

    not a good look covering j.lo song lol


  9. BreezyLover


    Looooove the part when JLo appears! Soo dope!


  10. FlySly

    i liker her


  11. Rich

    Oh my god Becky, look at her butt …


    Zack Reply:

    @Rich, tunechi


  12. bibi93



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