New Music: Miguel f/ Kendrick Lamar – ‘How Many Drinks? (Remix)’

How Many Drinks?

Pour up, drank. Kendrick Lamar dives in on the remix to “How Many Drinks?,” the third single off Miguel’s sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream.

The Grammy-winning crooner and Compton rapper recently shot a video for the song in Los Angeles.

Miguel plans to revive his Art Dealer Chic series by releasing three new EPs this summer. He will also be the musical guest on this weekend’s “Saturday Night Live.”

Listen to him serve up another round with the remix below.

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  1. EL


    The perfect song for an “eventful” night out.


  2. Kanye is god.

    Saturday Night Live***

    And I thought Cole already killed him?


  3. TheDon

    This was Dope, Kendrick Lamar went in as usual..


  4. Jade

    Best of both worlds.


  5. TsiAnn

    OMG they love me. They release the song on MY BIRTHDAY. :) :)


    Humz Reply:

    @TsiAnn, You’re so special…


    TsiAnn Reply:

    @Humz, Thats wats up


    ugonlearn Reply:

    @Humz, lmao! the shade of it all!


  6. A$APTee

    2 Future legends!


  7. JHP

    Kendrick killed it, I like this. Hope K-Dot comes back to SNL to perform it with him this weekend, both are extremely talented guys. Speaking of which, J. Cole should be musical guest on SNL at some point for real.


  8. Donny

    My favorite song on the album. Could’ve went w/o the remix though


  9. Phoenix_Wright

    It was aight, it’s one of those half-assed remixes but I see the point behind it. Do You.. hardly did anything on the charts, hopefully people don’t overlook this one.


  10. Lawd

    Love this! Miguel is the truth.


  11. deeznuts

    The original was better tho


  12. Stfu

    It’s a remix for a reason. Endless performances. Stfu and enjoy the music


    Grant Reply:

    @Stfu, This didn’t need a remix and the same goes for “Adorn.” That’s the point.


  13. joseph

    sweet !! sweet !! sweet :!! miguel is in the building !!!


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