New Music: Pusha T – ‘Numbers on the Boards’

Numbers on the Boards

Pusha T drops a bossy new anthem for the ballers on “Numbers on the Boards,” co-produced by Don Cannon and Kanye West. Following Jay-Z’s “Open Letter,” his G.O.O.D. Music boss decided to liberate the track, which borrows from Jay’s “Rhyme No More.”

“Our family Hov brought that real hip hop shit this morning so me and Pusha wanna keep that feeling going,” tweeted ‘Ye.

Listen to Pusha’s new heat below.

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  1. Zack

    Its too simple. Too bad, Push’s a good artist.


    Sheed Reply:

    @Zack, No its just thehook…the hook is simple..his lyrics are tight thou and the beat is clearly smooth..i like this…pusha has to lower the amount of tymes he talks about drugs cuz not everyone does tht…i dont..but doesnt mean i done like him…


    Zack Reply:

    @Sheed, i like it too, great rap song. But its a bad single. Singles must create buzz, especially the ones released by mainstream artists. This wont be a hit=bad single. The song is good tho.


  2. Jay

    Oooh I like how you sampled my Rhyme No More fam.


  3. flawda

    Damn, this is what hiphop is suppose to sound like “lyrics” and ”minimalist” beats, not overproduced garbage (French Montana, etc).


    wqe Reply:

    @flawda, oh shut up about what hip hop is supposed to sound like dick head. If pac rapped over one of french’s beat you would be saying the opposite. just stop hating nigga


    flawda Reply:

    @wqe, I said lyrics, are you comparing French Montana’s lyrics to that of Pac. You must be 14 years old.


    AAA Reply:

    @flawda, I’m so tired of people saying “this ain’t hip hop”. First of all lets not get it twisted, when u was growing up, the music you listen to was considered crap to the older generation. Point is times change, not everyone is gonna sound like a Nas, a Biggie or PAC, or a Rahkim. And if they did u would probably complain about that. #stopyabitchin#


  4. DPA



    wqe Reply:

    @DPA, Stop acting like youre informed. no one know what kanye is doing. that’s how he designed it.


  5. #RihannaNAVi

    naah this is dope af!


  6. iller




    Dope shit.

    The Hov Effect…


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