Rihanna and Wiz Khalifa
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Wiz Khalifa Plans to Release New Album This Year

Wiz Khalifa just released an album in December, but he’s already back in the lab working on his next project.

During an interview on Power 106’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood,” the new father announced plans to drop the follow-up to O.N.I.F.C. this year.

“I’m working on another album. I’m planning on dropping it this year,” revealed the Taylor Gang leader. “I wasn’t going to, but I got so much motivation. I’ve been having so much fun having my son. I feel like it would be a great time to just put out a really dope, relevant project and kill it again.”

Expect to see a lot more of Wiz, who recently collaborated with Cassie and Kelly Rowland. “I’m doing a lot of features, a lot of videos. I’ma just be everywhere this year.”

But don’t expect to hear his newborn son Sebastian on a song. “I don’t want to put Bash on a song,” said Wiz. “I don’t want to give people the option to like it or not like it because I’ve heard some stuff where people put their kids on stuff and be like, ‘Ugh.'”

Just last night, Wiz shared a smoking session with Rihanna. “Smokin w/ the Captain,” tweeted Wiz, whose baby mama Amber Rose attended RiRi’s Anaheim show earlier in the week.

  • Staysnatching

    ‘and kill it again.’

    Wasn’t aware you ‘killed’ it in the first place Wiz

    • tgod

      @Staysnatching, yup he did. One of a few rappers selling ova 100000 copies.

    • HOVorJefe

      @Staysnatching, O.N.I.F.C. is the shit!!! STOP hating.

    • Daveo Khalifa Jr

      @Staysnatching, wiz beyond killed it on onifc and cabin 2 u shud keep up with the news cuz he be killin it since ’05 hater

  • Zack

    Rolling Papers was good, ONIFC was okay. Hope he can kill the next album again.

    • wqe

      @Zack, do you know what again means?

  • Wizzle

    Stop. He’s been on. The thing is he doesn’t change or switch things up, which may hurt em, but doesn’t seem to mind.

  • One

    a lot of you people dont understand cuz you probably started bandwagoning after black & yellow. But he has a massive fan base, regardless he’ll be dropping atleast 1-2 tapes before the album drops those will build up the buzz/hype

  • Kate

    Wiz and rih yay love them

  • boom boom

    Rih don’t work with him please, he sucks.

  • boom boom

    he’s dropping a new album cuz he’s last album onifc FLOPPPED badly, that’s why.

  • Critic

    Rihanna looks bad.

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    • Daveo Khalifa Jr

      @MRS CARTER LOVER, haters stop you actin like young “raspy” make any sense in his songs

  • Bradley

    Please don’t.. ONIFC flopped and Rolling Papers was very underwhelming. He’s not going to “kill” anything or anyone, he’s just going to be overshadowed by other rappers’ projects.

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  • joseph

    rihanna works with MC rapper like kanye west, jay z, eminem, drake lool not him