Rick Ross Issues Formal Apology for ‘Offensive’ Lyrics

Rick Ross

Rick Ross paid a hefty price when he was dropped by Reebok for his pro-rape lyrics. He previously tweeted a half-baked apology, but has now issued a formal statement addressing the controversial song “U.O.E.N.O.”

Women’s rights group UltraViolet called for Reebok to drop the Maybach Music mogul as its spokesman and organized an online petition, collecting around 100,000 signatures. On Thursday, Reebok officially severed ties with Rozay, which prompted backlash from some of his peers in the hip-hop community.

In the statement, a regretful Rozay owns up to his mistake and apologizes to women who have been abused. “My choice of words was not only offensive, it does not reflect my true heart,” he wrote.

Read his formal apology below.

“Before I am an artist, I am a father, a son, and a brother to some of the most cherished women in the world. So for me to suggest in any way that harm and violation be brought to a woman is one of my biggest mistakes and regrets. As an artist, one of the most liberating things is being able to paint pictures with my words. But with that comes a great responsibility. And most recently, my choice of words was not only offensive, it does not reflect my true heart. And for this, I apologize. To every woman that has felt the sting of abuse, I apologize. I recognize that as an artist I have a voice and with that, the power of influence. To the young men who listen to my music, please know that using a substance to rob a woman of her right to make a choice is not only a crime, it’s wrong and I do not encourage it. To my fans, I also apologize if I have disappointed you. I can only hope that this sparks a healthy dialogue and that I can contribute to it.”

–William Roberts (a.k.a “Rick Ross”)

Is it too little, too late? Sound off below.

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  1. Kate

    How i hate this man! Fake, fat, ugly, no talant, arrogant, ego, selfish…


  2. Ryan

    So they can rap about, bitches, hoes, drugs, fornication, stabbing, shooting, orgies, adultery, gay slurs, racial slurs, the list goes ON and ON…

    but rapping about rape causes a commotion?

    So confused!


    Vash Reply:

    @Ryan, Yea well that’s the dumb ass logical world we live in now a days.


    Cranberry Reply:

    @Ryan, I’ll give you stabbing and shooting, but in no way, shape or form is SEXUAL ASSAULT on the same level as bitches, hoes, drugs or consensual sex. Think before you type, please.


    az Reply:

    @Cranberry, thank you. those other topics are passive! RAPE isn’t. Can you step up to someone and say, “I WOULD RAPE YOU”!


    mellow Reply:

    @Ryan, if you take what your given you will always get the same thing. Women’s groups are now not excepting lyrics that imply harm to women. There is nothing wrong with people acknowledging rape it wrong. However many men are still in a place where lyrics in which they are told to kill each other is acceptable to them, so rappers will therefore continue to tell men that it is ok to kill each other, until people make a stand against that as well.


    WTF Reply:

    @Ryan, all those other things cause commotion too, but not as big this womens group tho


    STFU Reply:

    @Ryan, its ok to rap about destroying your own people, Ross crossed the line when he started talking about issues white people care about in his lyrics.


  3. TheTruth

    #Respect.. Fuck em Ross


  4. kendal

    of course now he issues an apology.Where was his apology before he got dropped? He clearly didnt think anything was wrong with his lyrics before reebok kicked him to the curb. smdh dis nigga


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @kendal, his apology may not be genuine but i don’t see why he should have to apologize. rappers talk about killing people every single day. it’s ridiculous that lyrics about rape are unacceptable but lyrics about murder are. hate him or love him, you can’t deny that rick ross was unnecessarily villianized for his lyrics.


  5. Kim

    Thank you Ross for being PROFESSIONAL and quickly giving a formal apology.

    Thank you for not negatively bashing Reebok brand or those protesters.

    Now I can say he stepped up as a business man and father first by taking the time to address this maturely.

    Hopefully it will all just blow over, you can put out a more tasteful song for the ladies, and a better oppurtunity.


    Nate Reply:


    Quickly? It took him almost three damn weeks to give a proper apology. And now it just seems fake and forced.

    Do not thank this man for anything.


  6. Ryan

    So rappers can rap about bitches, hoes, drugs, fornication, adultery, shooting/stabbing people, gay bashing, the list goes ON and ON…

    but rape was the final straw or something? So confused.


  7. Kim

    @Nate I know I wish he would have just apologized way earlier than this but I’m relieved that he is not responding like meek mill cause that would further hurt his image.


  8. Donny

    Now he wants to be formal ? It’s a lil too late for that but s/o to his publicist


  9. miles

    what he said wasn’t even a big deal. i wouldn’t apologize at all

    Regardless of what he does no one is going to accept it on this site or anywhere else.

    If He apologizes himself = “he didn’t really mean it”, “the was a sorry excuse for an apology”

    Well written apology = “he obviously didn’t right this”, “where’s the real apology”

    might as well just not worry about it


    meme Reply:

    @miles, your f**kin stupid thats why. you are most likely some ghetto hood person with class. Any logical person can see how those lyrics would offend a woman. And any business professional would apologize.


    miles Reply:

    1. I am from ghetto and hood. i grew up in the burbs
    2. anyone who is offended by what he said is an idiot.
    Music is a form of art, no different from writing a movie or a screen play or book. Whats the difference between a fictional song about rape and a fictional movie about rape? they are the exact same thing.
    If you’re offended by what he is saying just don’t listen to it. these woman going against him are idiots.

    And i’m not even a rick ross fan.


    erodxd Reply:

    @miles, So black people shouldn’t be offended by Birth of Nation, since it’s art, doesn’t matter that it’s white supremacist movie glorifying the KKK, cus well, it’s art.


    miles Reply:

    @erodxd, exactly. If it offends you don’t listen


  10. Jay-Me

    This was a big move. The right thing to do. I do agree that there is a line though.


  11. Realistically

    Consumers hold the power.

    If people protested and refused to support artists that rapped about drugs, fornication, and stupidity, guess what? They would stop rapping about it. Not because they care who they offend, but because their god is Money. And they’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

    So don’t act dazed and confused when a group of women exercise their buying power, costing Ross an endorsement deal. Learn from that, realize your potential, and do the same.

    Take the music back.


  12. Realistically

    I hope his apology is sincere. But it’s hard to believe when it comes a day late. He can plan huge press conferences to re-introduce struggling artists like Omarion, but an issue as serious as this only gets a tweet? Oh.


  13. Good Job Rozay

    To @NATE you have to be a moron. Him apologizing after he got dropped actually shows alot more since he has nothing to gain since he lost the endorsement.While apologizing in a big way before the dropping would have been better, it still would have been met with great criticism as it would only be seen as a ploy to retain his reebok pay cheque. @KIM trust me it sucks but of all the rappers that have rapped about rape I.e eminem,biggie, big l, dj Paul,action bronson, tyga, geto boys,lil wayne and many others didn’t apologize so I think rozay deserves some credit no?


  14. meme

    I applaud rick ross for this. this is what should have been done from the jump.


  15. shakedown

    @Ryan ask them, so doin drugs callin women bitches, hoes, n fornicating, shooting/stabbing, killin ppl is gOod and rape is bad? Dis is f**k up. I’m so disappointed at dis women, why can they be against all dis tins and why are they even listening to hip hop?


  16. Penny Proud Lil Sis

    he shoulda just put this out from the beginning. That half assed apology followed by “boss” was very rude and disrespectful. Now that he got dropped he understands the situation. oh?!


  17. wonderland19

    It took you to lose money for you to give a real apology?! What a sad world we live in.


  18. WTF

    Good for him even tho i dont think he really means it. If he had it should have been done long ago.


  19. Rick Ross finally apologizes | TammyTalks

    [...] I recognize that as an artist I have a voice and with that, the power of influence. To the young men wholisten to my music, please know that using a substance to rob a woman of her right to make a [...]

  20. Ice

    We can’t determine if he really means it or not, but that’s not the point. The point is that he made an apology and we should forgive him.


  21. LongLiveYourMum

    Tbh I don’t understand how Rocko, Future and Ross himself and whatever sort of management is behind the gift of gab mixtape release/ the U.O.E.N.O single; let this track go public with that lyric on the track. Regardless he should’ve apologised earlier but yeah


  22. LordStark

    All this Ross backlash is hypocritical to me…..I fuck w/ his music, all the CO talk I heard about from dudes from MIA when Hustling was bubbling…..Everybody gotta past, is how I see it…..I just find it funny that Mountain Dew got Tyler the Creator promoting their shit when he raps about mutilating women and hating homosexuals….I guess since the White Kids cosign him he’s NON-THREATENING….Nicki talks about bouncing niccaz balls in her mouf…..She hosting American Idol…..Ross spit about shit that happens EVERY Friday night at the club on a MIXTAPE song and the world is in an uproar…….Them crackers at Reebok Knew what they were getting into when they offered him dat deal……Thats sum ANGLO-SAXON shit how they turning they backs on him now……Niccaz acting like it’s the 50′s these hoes snorting, swallowing, n popping whatever you put in front of em…….The HOE is a prominent figure in the American woman’s society…..Look at all these Basketball wives shows…..Love&HipHop……Todays female is being subjected to constant images of SLORES succeeding in life because of who’s dick they sucked…….Line mighta been tasteless, but he was on point about what goes down at the club……These smuts be begging for sum Molly…..Silly ass bitch don’t know how to have a good time w/out being high or drunk….Lotta these hoes are co-dependent on that dope to enjoy themselves…..



    erodxd Reply:

    @LordStark, realest comment on here


  23. WINS

    omg rap is art most of the stuff these guys rap about isn’t real its mo lyk a mvie or a novel,its sad Boss hd to tek a fall over smethng as stupid as this#ToHellWithRebook


  24. Tiago

    To me the real rap are in the underground artist


  25. Christina

    Damage is done. But it takes a man to step up and apologize when he knows he’s in the wrong… It’s awkward, kinda like respect that, but don’t respect that.


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