New Music: Pitbull – ‘Open Letter (Freestyle)’


Pitbull didn’t keep quiet when he thought Lil Wayne had dissed his hometown of Miami. Now Mr. 305 rides for freedom and addresses the politics surrounding Cuba in the wake of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s controversial trip.

“C-U-B-A, hope to see you free one day,” the Cuban-American MC raps about the communist island over Jay-Z’s “Open Letter.”

He also defends the Carters on his bilingual freestyle. “Question of the night, would they have messed with Mr. Carter if he was white?/ … Happy fifth year anniversary, Jay and B/ Don’t worry, it’s on me.”

Pitbull explained his decision to speak out. “I’m cuban american i was born politically incorrect here is my open letter daleee,” he tweeted.

Hear Pit’s “Open Letter” below.

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  1. Mrunhateable

    Go away!


  2. Kate

    This man is joke


  3. warren ellis

    Damn, got to admit this sounds better than jay z version. dont hate. listen to it a few times and you will see.


    Truth Reply:

    @warren ellis, No it does not. Stop it 5


  4. channelPink

    Nobody want to hear this guy rap.


  5. kush4heaux

    such a cockrider.


  6. deelee

    who is checking for this man? this man is a joke. disappointed rapup even looks at his shit


  7. SBM

    JZ’s a JOKE……. IF a white singer would have spent there vacation in SOUTH AFRICA DURING apartheid would you have been insulted…….WAIT it did happen and you were insulted……and they protested and…….. make a little money (ALOT) and forget about everything……


  8. Sizwe_Nation

    Actually white people were allowed to vacate and do business with the apartheid government- gm and other american companies never stopped their operations during those times and nobody gave a damn about it. only new zealand stood up against the regime after one of their black rugby was told not to come to south africa for the tour. South africans found for their freedom, it wasn’t because of some dull economic sanctions which brought about change.


  9. willie

    Congrats to Pitbull..I was born in the USa and I am not latin..BUT

    Imagine if our president was dictator, you guys need to step your knowledge up and see why people like pitbull talk about his or her country so much, its because we here in the USA have it so easy..I just wish ya stop talking about how wack a rapper or person he or justin bieber or jay z is…

    Just let them do them


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