John Legend and Benny Benassi Debut ‘Dance the Pain Away’ at Coachella

John Legend and Benny Benassi

John Legend ventures outside the R&B realm on “Dance the Pain Away,” his EDM collaboration with Benny Benassi. The G.O.O.D. Music crooner and DJ debuted the record last night at Coachella in Indio, Calif.

Mr. Legend appeared in a red motorcycle jacket and joined the DJ behind the booth as the crowd in the Sahara Tent danced along.

“How can you dance the pain away?” he sings on the melancholy track.

Watch their performance and listen to a 30-second snippet of the song below.

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  1. IndiGo

    why is he trying to sound like chris brown? that kind of music doesn’t fit him


    Max Kostakis Reply:

    @IndiGo, He’s not trying to sound like Chris Brown. He said that this song was originally something he was working on for his own album, and was written as a guitar ballad. His producer thought it would be cool to make it an EDM track, so he sent it to Benny Benassi. He said this sounds nothing like any of the songs on his new album.


  2. Oh God Why

    Oh John, why did you go down this route, like Usher, Chris Brown, Ludacris and do EDM. It’s not you. Respect….dropped


  3. KayeV

    i got nuff respect for John Legend and im a big fan of his music but if he goes down this fistpumping route it will be very disappointing like HIGHLY disappointing ..#sayNOtosoulartistsdoingEDM


  4. Joe

    What is everyone talking about? This is not John Legend’s first EDM attempt! He sounded awesome on MSTRKRFT’s Heartbreaker way back in 2010


  5. Jake

    Losing respect because John Legend is changing up his style for ONE song? At least he is working with a well respected EDM PRODUCER Benny Benassi. Just like Joe said, John has done a EDM style song before and it was a hit. Music is all about being versatile. Discovering new sounds and not being so limited your specific genre. If you don’t like John’s EDM style with Benny, then dont listen to it. Don’t start saying you are losing respect for him because John Legend is one of the most respected artist in this generation.


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