Miguel Rocks ‘Saturday Night Live’


2013 has been good to Miguel. After winning a Grammy and touring with Alicia Keys, the R&B crooner made his “Saturday Night Live” debut this weekend.

Following an introduction from host Vince Vaughn, he breathed new life into his Kaleidoscope Dream cuts. First up, he performed a rocking rendition of his latest single “How Many Drinks?” with his guitarist and band, even dropping the mic at the end like a true rock star. He returned later in the show, clad in a leather motorcycle jacket, to put a new spin on his chart-topping hit “Adorn.”

His thrilling performance won praise from Mariah Carey, who tweeted, “slam dunk. R&B is alive!”

Miguel will wrap the U.S. leg of Alicia’s “Set the World on Fire” tour on April 18 in Chicago before traveling to Europe.

Watch him rock 30 Rock.

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  1. Lisa1986

    Love me some Miguel. But there was a lot going on with that ‘How Many Drinks’ performance. I liked the psychedelic element, but it sounded so cluttered and all over the place. Mainstream media rarely give R&B artists the time of day, so I was kinda disappointed with him deciding to grunge it out. When you’re still on the come up, a major platform is not the place or time to switch up arrangements. On top of that, his band was drowning him out. And I can’t with that Randy Watson mic drop.


    ed Reply:

    @Lisa1986, I totally agree with you.


  2. ayee

    Fock ya..

    “We’re sorry, but the clip you selected isn’t available from your location. Please select another clip.”





  4. mimosadreams

    not a great performance. #beentrill. not a great a clothing line


  5. Cdesign

    Your review is backwards, he did Adorn first. I wasn’t crazy about the performances. Very uneven all around. New arrangements were too far off and the whole thing felt sloppy. He straight up missed it vocally on occasion.


  6. Taj Mahal

    I think it was real ballsy to go ahead and do such different renditions of these songs. I cause I like rock n roll, I think it was awesome, kudos to him


  7. hilds

    Its too early to be throwing shade!Ladies and Gentlemen cause Both of these performances was awesome, this guy is musically inclined and very aware of whats need to be done at this particular venue. Keep trucking miguel you got it. I hope to see him shine at the Bet Awards


  8. Jade

    He hates the comparisons, but he’s little Prince. Love him!


  9. white chocolate

    being compared to prince is an honor. goodbye


    Lisa1986 Reply:

    @white chocolate, He hates being compared to Prince because he feels offended FOR Prince. Miguel said it’s a compliment, but that it’s insulting to Prince to compare someone who’s fairly new to the game and still growing to someone who’s been putting in work for several decades and left a major mark on music. So him not liking to be compared is out of immense respect for Prince.


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