Celebrities React to Boston Marathon Bombings

Boston Marathon

What should have been a joyful day in Boston was shattered when explosions went off near the finish line during Monday’s marathon. The shock and horror could be felt on Twitter, where timelines were filled with prayers, sadness, and heartfelt messages.

As news of the horrific events broke, Boston native JoJo cried out for her beloved hometown, while Nicki Minaj’s heart ached for the innocent victims. Machine Gun Kelly couldn’t comprehend the senseless act of violence, and Alicia Keys was shaken by the tragedy.

Read some of the reactions from social media below.

Beyoncé: My heart and prayers go out to Boston

Alicia Keys: Shaken… My thoughts and prayers are with the city of Boston and those affected by this tragedy.

Nicki Minaj: My heart goes out to everyone who woke up this morning to enjoy a peaceful marathon but were met w/senseless destruction. #GodBlessAmerica

Rick Ross: Prayers go to #Boston

Big Sean: Those bombs going off in Boston are devastating… The guy I was sitting next to on the plane said his friends were running in the marathon. That’s horrible that happened on a day like this, at an event like that. #prayersup

Miguel: Get well wishes to all those injured/effected by today’s marathon bombing

Ameriie: My heart hurts. #prayforboston

JoJo: Just got out of yoga and had a dozen text messages… My heart dropped. Please #PrayForBoston. My Home. My family and dearest friends.

Ciara: So Sad to hear about what has happened in Boston as I board my flight☹ this is truly unbelievable! Prayers to those lost and affected:( ♥

Lil Wayne: Prayers for Boston

Skylar Grey: Horrible news about the Boston Marathon bombings… My thoughts and prayers are with those lost and injured.

Lil’ Kim: I just heard about the bombs at the Boston Marathon. What a horrific event. My thoughts and prayers are with those effected. #prayforboston

Common: Prayers up for the people in Boston!

Bridget Kelly: Thoughts and prayers to all those in Boston who were caught in or knew folks hurt by the explosions

Justin Timberlake: My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the city of Boston and all of those affected by this terrible incident.

Karmin: Prayers with the people of Boston and all the families contributing to the Boston Marathon- cant believe this could happen. We went to see the finish every year during the 7 years we lived there.

2 Chainz: Yooo prayers go out to Boston ,,,, explosion at a marathon is the last thing u think is gonna happen

Jay Sean: Man just seein this bombing in Boston. Hope my people out there are ok. So horrible. Sick minded people out there man. Crazy.

Machine Gun Kelly: Bombs in trash cans now…we’ve truly lost control of ourselves. Why the fuck would you take the lives of innocent people?

Keri Hilson: God be with Boston.

French Montana: My prayers go out to the victims in the Boston explosion! #PrayforBoston

Chris Brown: Praying for Boston.

Pitbull: My heart goes out 2 those lost in #boston we must enjoy every minute & appreciate every one bcuz we never know que dios los bendiga

Jordin Sparks: I don’t even know what to say. My heart just hurts for those involved in what happened in Boston. Praying for everyone…

Kim Kardashian: My heart is breaking for everyone effected or injured in the explosion at the Boston Marathon. God bless you all! My prayers are with you!

Kelly Rowland: #PrayersForBoston

Azealia Banks: My heart and prayers go out to everyone in Boston right now. Life is so precious.

Bun B: Talked to my Boston people. They’re safe. But this shit is cold y’all. Lot of people hurt out there. #PrayForBoston

Shontelle: 2 explosions at Boston Marathon today. Don’t even have words. Shame on you the culprits. Innocent ppl. I don’t understand :( #PrayForBoston

Miley Cyrus: Sending peace & many blessings to Boston ❤❤❤

Ashanti: Please Pray For Boston. #BostonMarathon #PrayForBoston My heart goes out to each & every victim.

Rihanna: Heartbreaking. #PRAY4BOSTON

Keyshia Cole: People are absolutely sick! I feel so bad this has happened! God Bless the innocent people hurt… God Bless

Marsha Ambrosius: Horrified!!! Praying for those affected by the tragedy in Boston!!!

Cassie: Too unreal, too sad #prayforboston

Brianna Perry: Lets come together as a nation and pray for everyone affected by today’s tragedy #PRAY4BOSTON

Mariah Carey: So sad I am at loss for words. My heart goes out to everyone in Boston. #PrayForBoston

Travis Barker: My prayers/love 2 everyone in Boston.Hope we catch the fucking coward that did this.Those poor kids & innocent people…damn #Pray4Boston


Kid Cudi: I really hope they find whos responsible for the bombings in Boston. My heart goes out to the victims and their families.

Nicole Scherzinger: My prayers and thoughts are with those who have loved ones in Boston. God bless you #PrayforBoston

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  1. Good Stuff



  2. Deidre

    The world has gone mad, smh.


  3. BreezyLover

    Why do people do that? Fucking sick world we live in…

    Praying for Boston!


  4. Hov



    Morgan Reply:

    @Hov, I can tell you aren’t too bright, troll. There are nothing remotely humorous about this and you wouldn’t think it was if any of your loved ones were involved.


    Nana Reply:

    @Morgan, Absolutely right, I live in Boston and it was not a Pretty site, it was a SCRAY site for me & family. I see this asshole, HOV write LOL, ARE YOU FUCKIN SERIOUS!! HOV should have been there and he would not be able to write a comment,JERK!!
    NOW,I’LL REPENT, Lord forgive me I am sinner.


    Jade Reply:

    @Hov seeing this simple “lol” comment f*cking hurts. The fact that people like you exist is beyond me. Come on man, fix your act….. I’ll pray for you.


    Nana Reply:



  5. meme

    Rihanna needs to #prayersforboston immediately im very disappointed in her.


    Natasha3 Reply:

    @meme, How do you know she hasn’t done so???? Not everything has to be public!!!! The bible says, when we seek men’s praises
    we do things publicly, when it’s GOD’s its done privately or GOD knowning only!!!!!!!!!!


    Coco Reply:

    @Natasha3, oh please tell them!!!!!!!


    ASH Reply:

    @Natasha3, yesssssssssssssssss! amen.


    Nana Reply:

    @Natasha3 & @meme, The Bible reads, and I am not quoting, when we pray, we pray in silence in your “closet”. Also, your prayer does not have to be long God said like the pagans.(“mumbling” is the word He used)

    No need to be disappointed at Rihanna, BECAUSE SHE DID PRAY “Rihanna: “Heartbreaking #PRAY4BOSTON”! SCROLL UP AND YOU WILL SEE IT IN BETWEEN ASHANTI & KEISHA COLE.

    Blessing to you both, meme & Natasha3……


    Nana Reply:

    @Natasha3, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!


    lexi Reply:

    @meme, First of all she posted a picture that said pray for boston, she was one of the first to react.


    lexi Reply:

    @meme, what are you talking about, she was one of the first people too react, they just didn’t post it. She put up a picture, that was just really sad and said praying for boston. Next check your facts before you comment.


  6. Kwayzee

    Nicki Minaj: My heart goes out to everyone who woke up this morning to enjoy a peaceful marathon but were met w/senseless destruction. #GodBlessAmerica


    NotoriousKIM Reply:


    Lil’ Kim: I just heard about the bombs at the Boston Marathon. What a horrific event. My thoughts and prayers are with those effected. #prayforboston


  7. Tamar

    This should be a post with no arguments…it should be taken out of respect for those who were injured and those who have died.


  8. Oh

    This is probably the work of an American, just so we can go to war with North Korea. They must have some oil or something in their country.


    Michelle Reply:

    @Oh, I agree with you 100% it’s sad that our country that we call home, would do that to their own people.. This world doesn’t know what peace and living safely is anymore. Pray for Boston..


  9. ♦CorCor♦

    ♥ONIKA COMMENT♥ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  10. RNB 4 evah

    I feel bad for the victims. Did you see Beyonce’s facebook page, she posted a poser photo of herself singing in Belgrade 1 hour ago and people are posting negative comments because of this tragedy..


  11. Hiphoptodabeat

    man, 2 chainz word choice


  12. Rmz

    This is terrible news… But As sad and terrible this news is, I can’t help but feel a lil distain towards these reactions. This morning 31 people were killed and 200 wounded in Iraq due to car bombs. And an earthquake in Iran has left hundreds of locals homeless. Wheres everyone’s prayers and wishes for them?? Meme’s and facebook and twitter updates informing people and spreading love through difficult times for those people??

    We’re all human in this world people… Just because its hit America everyone is suddenly praying for the dead and injured? I dont get why now THIS bomb is prayer worthy while others are looked over without a second thought..


    SHAWTY Reply:

    @Rmz, Very good point!


    Grace Reply:

    @Rmz, You make a good point, but you have to understand that some people are always going to feel a connection to domestic acts of terrorism. Likewise, I’m sure the Boston tragedy has taken a backseat to those in Iraq.


    Michelle Reply:

    @Rmz, that’s a very good point. Only thing is, you don’t really see that being put up on every news channel and radio station, and if they do its a brief talk about it so not everyone will even know about it.. I didn’t until I just read this. But I definitely agree with you, not just our country should be prayed for, all the devestation that’s happening all over the world, were all equal as one but yet we still have remorse towards each other.


    Andy Reply:

    @Rmz, Interesting point of view but the thing is that people of other countries aren’t that concerned about other countries. F*ck, even in my country we don’t give much attention to killed people anymore because murders are so common in here. I don’t think that people from Iraq where that devastated from what happened. They must be accustomed to wake up and hear that news. It’s sad…


  13. opd2

    this is bad i send my condolances out to the hurt and killed,families.


  14. Kim

    Just senseless. This so terrifying, one minute your day is normal, then within seconds mayhem breaks out. This sneaky violence is sooooooo evil.

    Praying for Boston and all the victims.


  15. Farrah

    It’s becoming dangerous to take your children to school, push a grocery cart into the parking lot, take in a movie and run in a marathon. We’re truly in the last of days.


    rw Reply:

    @Farrah, this and much worse has been going on for the last 1000 years and happens on a regular basis outside the bubble you live in. Get over yourself.


    Farrah Reply:

    @rw, There’s nothing to “get over.” I can tell you’re not too bright.


    Will Reply:

    @rw, Poor thing, nothing about that statement indicates that anyone is living in a bubble. Come back with something intelligent to say, please. You look all kinds of foolish right now.


  16. Kate

    I dont believe them (stars)


    hungrY.eYes Reply:

    @Kate, thats ok cause we don’t believe you


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