Girls Love Beyoncé

New Music: Drake f/ James Fauntleroy – ‘Girls Love Beyoncé’

Drake gives us two songs in one day. After dropping “No New Friends” with DJ Khaled, Drizzy speaks to the ladies on “Girls Love Beyoncé.” He opens up about his love life (“I’ve been avoiding commitment”) and puts the call out for a special lady on the vulnerable R&B jam, produced by Noah “40” Shebib.

“I need someone that will help me think of someone besides myself/ I need someone I leave through the front door with ’cause we don’t want to hide no more,” sings October’s Very Own.

James Fauntleroy pays homage to B by singing the lyrics to Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name” on the hook.

In a recent interview, Drake revealed that the track will not appear on his upcoming album Nothing Was the Same.

  • Bradley

    Not bad! Wonder if this will be on the album.

    • Jay z

      @Bradley, can you not read!?? |||| In a recent interview, Drake revealed that the track will not appear on his upcoming album Nothing Was the Same. ||||

      • Victoria

        @Jay z, you mad for nothing lol

      • Bradley

        @Jay z, That info wasn’t posted when I commented, considering I’m the first comment.. calm down.

      • ArchBishopOprah

        @Jay z, U mad? Lol they asked a simple question and u ready to jump down they throat……I swear bey stans will help nail Jesus to the cross if he said something about beyonce

      • WOWER

        @Jay z, It’s that serious?

    • marc

      @Bradley, did you read this thing at all? lol it clearly says it will NOT be on the album.

      • Bradley

        @marc, There was no article when I commented so sit down. I was the first commenter.

    • MSD

      @Bradley, left over from his album

    • Sheed

      @Bradley, This ounds bad…his album is sounding like trash smh…i hope this isnt on there

  • Sigh

    Wish drake was G.O.O.D.

  • KimberlyLove

    Not feeling this chorus at all, or the song. At all. Maybe next time

    • Melody Thornton’s Dress Though



  • Shade

    Yessssssss. I love the feel of this song.

  • Sodapop

    This is a fucking hit!!!!!

    • Hov

      @Sodapop, hell no it isnt

      • Music

        @Hov, Hov just mad Drake killing tracks named after his girl

  • Kwayzee

    I understand loving a celeb… but making a song about them? ergghhh, not sure how I feel about this and sample their song o_O hope this is just a random track. i like it tho

    • Sean

      @Kwayzee, dont really think the song is about her he had a line about some girl he messed with four years ago the song itself is solid

    • Kire9

      @Kwayzee, Well… LISTENING to the track would sure help. It’s actually nothing about BEYONCE herself lol.. I feel like he called it that cause they felt the old hook that was once used fit the songs content and didn’t want people to say “why did he use that old ass hook’? or call it something corny like “Say My Name (Remix)” And in this climate of every female obsessing over beyonce it pretty much makes sense here lol
      LOVE IT btw

      • Kwayzee

        @Kire9, MINDING YOUR BUSINESS WOULD HELP. cause i did listen to it, how would i know it sampled and how would i like it? oh, okay! stfu

        • Oh God Why

          @Kwayzee, ummm…. Nicki 3way did a song called “Hov Lane”… how is that any different?

        • T

          @Kwayzee, TWO WORDS: HOV Lane

          And your explanation “I understand loving a celebrity but making a song about them” if you had common sense (since you heard) the song you’d know it’s not about Beyonce. Its about a girl he loves who loves Beyonce lik most women hes dealt with. Your rebuttal is null and void due to your inability to comprehend what you yourself write.

  • ed

    Smooth! I like!

  • Jason

    Drake keeps making bangers. Love this. So smooth.

    • kelly

      @Jason, i agree this is a hit, Cant why to buy the third album

  • steph

    hmm.. not bad. the best part about this song is James Fauntleroy.

  • freshed

    James is that guy tho. Patiently waiting for his project! until then #cocaine80’s

  • hmmm

    next time

  • GettingReal

    I likey.

  • Sean

    Good shit reminicent of so far gone dont really think the sing is about beyonce

  • BreezyLover



  • Shaytan

    Drake is an artistic sociopath. If he wasn’t famous Rihanna Beyonce & Aaliyah’s cemetery would all have restraining orders!

    • ash

      @Shaytan, As much as I love Drake HOLY FUCK that made me laugh

    • .,

      1. The song has nothing to do with Beyonce
      2. Drake’s love for Aaliyah is CLEARlY based on her death

    • T

      @Shaytan, y’all keep bringing up that Aaliyah shit when Drake had nothing to do with that. Background and their shady business practices had EVERYTHING to do with that just like they’ve attempted to not properly compensate Aaliyah’s family since her death. They’re one of the main reasons the Aaliyah movie keeps going under. When Drake found out the complete situation he fell back. Come with facts or stay home.

      Ask JoJo how good a Blackground contract is.

  • Kalin

    Very smooth, I like it. Could stand to be a bit longer, though.

  • Jake

    More like “Girls Love Destiny’s Child.”

    • Mikita

      @Jake, I knooow right ?!?!?

  • azebracuntnaj

    beyonce be shaking her damn head at this MESS.

  • Truth

    He is sayin how girls are when they are in front of ppl by using Beyonce’s hook and saying how they love 2 be beyonce. USE YOUR SENSE ITS NOT ABOUT HER.

  • Shannon

    See, now these niggas got me digging for my old school Bey album!!!!

  • Kate

    I am girl and hate her


      @Kate,kate you’re obsessed you hate her but you always reading post / stories pertaining to her..makes sense huh ? stfu closet fan

  • ayee

    this sucks

  • Humz

    I like it!!

    This sounds a little like Shot For Me

  • mellow

    his flow sounds f*cked up on this. he trying a ‘thing’ but im not impressed.

  • LordStark

    the 2nd verse was very relatable…


  • Gaz

    Love it, could be a single. James Fauntrlroy can never put a foot wrong, pure talent. Hope there are more collabos with Drake n James

  • Gaz

    Oh yeah, not to forget 40. Up there with Timbaland dude

  • Hugh

    Nice, but it ain’t a “NO NEW FRIENDS”

  • Jay-Me

    The best thing about this is James Fauntleroy. Drake is better than he’s been in a while but he’s done.

    • OVOXO

      @Jay-Me, lol

  • Prettyboyflyod

    Wack next

  • Oh

    Screams Thrist

  • rageofenvy

    Common got him doing the Say My Name from the end of the song Canada Dry

  • Jay

    HA!!! I LOVE IT!!! I did NOT expect that at all. Ok. I gotta give Drake major props for this. I normally wouldn’t wanna hear anybody touch a Destiny’s Child song, but he is killing this. DC is that deal!! “Take Care” is my favorite Drake song, but this definitely added to that list. I love the smooth mellow vibe to this song. James is always killin it too!! Drake really has that whole rap-sing thing down. His tone is key. I want this song!!! This is my JAM!!! :)

  • Jay

    He’s clearly the main girl that loves Beyonce lol

    • Jessica Biel

      @Jay, HAHAHA

  • anonymous


  • Courtney

    Drake did it with these lyrics. Hot song


    me as a Bey fan this is a hot ass mess leave this shit to Jay cleary you being a little to joe

    • Wole

      @QUEENBEYONCE, dumb fucking ass. IT IS NOT ABOUT BEYONCE


        @Wole, no hoe the fact not the name of the song is GIRLS LOVE BEYONCE have a seat Drake is ass

        • Wole

          @QUEENBEYONCE, u clearly haven’t heard the song i hate dumbasses like u

  • aftermath

    Hot mess, not feeling it at all.

  • Dots

    And this is the closest the Beyhive will get to a “new Beyonce track” lmao.

    • Jules

      @Dots, And It is not even about Her!!!!

  • The Truth

    And I knew people were gonna hate…SMH #OVOXO till we overdose

  • the rager

    can this nigga stay on BEAT?

    • EL

      @the rager, Exactly! I thought it was just me.

      This sounds a mess and a redundant mess to be exact.

      We’ve heard this before…but shout out to Fauntleroy.

  • _WHUT

    wack wack wack! But James Fauntleroy tho >

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  • R M

    very good!

  • KT


    • Drake

      @KT, Girl don’t tempt me

  • A Bad Bitch

    The girls must be lesbians since they love Beyonce.

  • Ice

    This isn’t good, at all. That new Khaled track is wack too. I hope his singles from the album are just as good as Started from the Bottom, because these promotional tracks are horrible.

  • Mb92

    LOVE THIS!!!!!