New Music: Skylar Grey – ‘Final Warning’ [Snippet]

Final Warning

Skylar Grey showed us a more playful side on her Eminem-assisted single “C’Mon Let Me Ride.” But she wipes the smirk off her face on “Final Warning,” the dark new single off her upcoming debut Don’t Look Down, due July 9.

“This is the first time in my entire life of making music, when I made this song, where I feel like I finally figured out the way that I wanted to sound and the combination of things,” Skylar tells Rolling Stone. “I wrote the song three years ago, and it’s still my favorite. I’ve written so many songs since then, yet I always go back to this one. It got me going on the whole Skylar Grey project.”

Listen to a 90-second snippet before the full song hits iTunes tomorrow.

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  1. skyfall

    YES SKYLAR! Finally you are getting your niche, the previous single wasn’t well placed at all. Dark and mysterious fits so well, same way we don’t see Lana Del Ray having much success with the happy happy fun songs, the more alternative is where it’s at!


  2. Marc

    Good song. Shame none of her solo music does anything.


  3. Ice

    This is a girl who you wear a chastity belt around for fear of her chopping your manhood off.


  4. ayee

    it’s aight, i like her voice


  5. Hugh

    Different in a good way


  6. Jay

    WOW I love this so much!!! I love Skylar’s style. You can just vibe to this song. I can’t wait to hear what her album is gonna be like. Hopefully she does more songs with Em. I gotta download this!! :)


  7. Essa

    im waiting for the music video!


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