New Music: Jason Derulo – ‘The Other Side’

The Other Side

Friends become lovers on “The Other Side,” the first single off Jason Derulo’s upcoming third album. The Miami singer falls in love with his best friend on the dance record, produced by Ammo and Dr. Luke. He wrote the song about his own girlfriend, Jordin Sparks.

“I felt very comfortable and I tell her things that men would probably not tell their girlfriends,” Jason told Ryan Seacrest. “[We have] heart to hearts and just let it out on the table.”

Jason’s album is due in September, but no date has been set for a wedding. “It will happen when the time is right,” he said.

Hear Jason sing about Jordin on “The Other Side” and watch the couple in the studio with Seacrest.

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  1. Farrah

    This dude frustrates me. He has a beautiful voice and can sing well & live without autotune. I get he’s trying to be different, but R&B music would definitely suit him much more than dance music.


    Sheed Reply:

    @Farrah, U know ur right but hes so inicent lol but yes he needs to start singing more u cant appreciate he vocals over the dances syths lol


    Dave Reply:

    @Farrah, If he wants to do pop, let him do pop. He’s really a dancer 1st, so I don’t see why he would just limit himself to just R&B.


    Sheed Reply:

    @Dave, Im not sayn just do rnb he can hv his radio pop songs but he needs to do some rnb tracks cuz he can sing


  2. Portuguese Luv

    Jason DeFlopo….


    Rob Reply:

    @Portuguese Luv, Flop? Girl bye.


    Portuguese Luv Reply:

    @Rob, ain’t that what I said hun?


  3. Humz

    Come on Jason… you’re better than this!


  4. wonderland19

    This guy is such a try hard lol!!

    Anyways, you do know EDM is over right??? Jason Derulo, always the sheep never the leader.


  5. Jade

    They are so cute. Wish them the best!


  6. Will

    I read all the comments first and thought it would be a lot worse than it was…it’s not too bad!Guilty pleasure i guess!


  7. Chris Etrata

    Here’s one thing I don’t get. Dr Luke signed a deal to have his own label at Sony in 2011 named kemosabe entertainment. The catch is that he can only produce songs for Sony artists, yet Jason Reulo is signed at Warner Bros and Luke is producing Derulo’s new single. What happened?


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  9. Gary

    The song is pure wack.


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