Behind the Video: Miguel f/ Kendrick Lamar – ‘How Many Drinks?’

Miguel and Kendrick Lamar

Miguel could barely contain his excitement while filming the video for his remix to “How Many Drinks?,” the third single off his album Kaleidoscope Dream. The Grammy-winning crooner was joined by Kendrick Lamar as he shot the live performance visuals on a soundstage with some sexy ladies.

“I’m super excited about this video because I haven’t seen a live performance like we’ve done in a really long time,” said an excited Miguel. “It was really important to capture the artistry and the performance, and almost elevate the integrity and the artistry of the song because it’s a pretty straightforward record.”

Go behind the scenes with Miguel.

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  1. joe

    hotttt! CB got killed on this one!


  2. Ice

    I love the concept of the video, and I love Kendrick’s music, but I still prefer the original. That 3rd verse of the original is >>>>>>>, and Kendrick killed that vibe for me (pun intended).


  3. Truth

    How many drinks would its take you to leave wit me —- Date Rape. But What happened 2 Ross


    JustCoastWitHa Reply:

    @Truth, lmao Luckily Miguel doesn’t have any endorsements to get dropped from


  4. poe

    i dont know how to feel about this


  5. The Shaded Truth

    They Make A Really Cute Couple!


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