Kendrick Lamar Shoots ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’ Video

Kendrick Lamar and Juicy J

Kendrick Lamar took to the hills to shoot a video for his new single “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” on Tuesday. The new king of the West Coast held court in all white as he filmed scenes outdoors and inside a mansion. He was joined by his TDE family and some famous friends including Juicy J and comedian Mike Epps.

“Me and Kendrick Lamar on the bitch don’t kill my vibe the makin of the movie Tde entertain,” tweeted Epps.

The shoot was kept under wraps, but a few photos have surfaced online.

The fan favorite appears on Kendrick’s debut good kid, m.A.A.d city and has already spawned a remix with Jay-Z.

Mike Epps and Kendrick Lamar

Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe

Photos via Twitter/Instagram

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  1. Good Stuff

    About time.. This song is a Modern day classic.


    Will Reply:

    @Good Stuff, So true! Just wished the vid came out a few months ago. Yes Kendrick


  2. poe



  3. thedon

    Can’t wait for this, the song is crazy.. hope it’s the remix with Jay-Z too


  4. Sharlyn



  5. NICK

    N***a needs to release a video for “COMPTON”


  6. Ice

    I hope the video is for the original version.


  7. freshed



  8. Gruuuga

    I hope he shoots Money Trees with Jay Rock, my favorite track on the album


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  10. Kelvin

    I wish they had Lady Gaga parts in it and hopefully he has Jay-Z.
    I don’t care if the original or not the song is amazing.


  11. Leonrob

    No-talent thug.


    rebecca Reply:

    @Leonrob, im sure you have a lot of talent to criticize him


  12. Santo.M

    Sure its gonna be the original, no remix, just the original, thats the shit I FUCK with. Wish he can also do a vidoe for ”The Art Of Peer Preasure”. My fav song on the album.


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