New Music: Teedra Moses – ‘Can’t Be Luv’

Can't Be Luv

Teedra Moses gives in to love on the rock-tinged ballad “Can’t Be Luv.” The New Orleans native is overcome with emotions and decides to let her guard down and embrace it all.

“I don’t want to think about it, I want to make love to you,” she coos.

The sultry song will appear on her upcoming project The Empress Pride Collection, due June 25.

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  1. NNS



  2. Power3

    It’s a cool song. She needs more promo.


  3. poe

    Yaaaaaas finally!


  4. Fa

    Dear lord
    I can’t believe they are promoting Cassie when they have a singer/songwriter like Teedra on their label!
    What a mess for the kids today.
    Love Teedra since 2004


    Zelly Reply:

    @Fa, Actually, They’re not promoting Cassie. Rick Ross is Maybach Music, so of course you would hear that. Also, Rick Ross is one of Diddy’s ppl and Diddy fuckin Cassie. this come full circle that way


    hood Reply:

    @Fa, i think she signed to mmg


    rasan82 Reply:

    @hood, She is no longer with mmg, they never did paper work. Considering he did not even put her on the “amsterdam” video I think that its best.


    Coco Reply:

    @hood, she’s no longer signed to MMG. I spoke to her last month when she came London.

    MMG ain’t done much for her. Sooo, there you have it.


  5. alex

    Dilinizi bilmediğim için sallıyorum


  6. Chris

    One of the most talented in the industry. Love her.


  7. Instant Coffees

    She just always puts out some real music anyone relates to. I love this. Tee strikes again.
    People promo the most stupidest stuff, yet over look such genius as this music Teedra gives us.
    *Yesterday on 4/16/13 Teedra live on Ustream said that she wasn’t signed with MMG but they was just courting her and stuff like that.


  8. jefferysaywhat

    Teedra Moses Is The Most Underrated Artist Ever!!! I Love Her and Her Music… Her Music Does Something Unexplainable To Me and Makes Feel Really Good Inside & Out… “Can’t Be Luv” Is Something NICE!!! #TeamTeedraMoses ♥.


  9. Ronie

    Finally! This my chick.


  10. bret

    wow where has she been? I played the crap out of her only album in high school. everyone thought i was crazy


  11. RNB 4 evah

    This song is pretty dope!!


  12. Asa

    She’s so underrated.


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