Tyga’s ‘Hotel California’ Makes Top 10 Debut


Tyga’s Hotel California is taking residency on the charts this week. The third album from the Young Money rapper opens at No. 7.

The project sold 54,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The sales are slightly below last year’s Careless World: Rise of the Last King, which bowed at No. 4 with 61,000.

Meanwhile, his Young Money boss Lil Wayne slides 5-8 with I Am Not a Human Being II, which moved 42,000 units.

Justin Timberlake’s three-week reign atop the Billboard 200 comes to an end as Paramore claims the No. 1 spot with their self-titled set. The 20/20 Experience falls to No. 3 with 98,000, bringing its U.S. sales to over 1.5 million since its debut on March 19.

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  1. Zack

    Looks liek his shine is kinda over. Too bad, because i actually liked him and Hotel California was a pretty good album tho.


  2. truth

    young money = overrated, arrogant and talentless.


    ROCnation Reply:

    @truth, amen


    Hov Reply:

    @truth, no


    Zack Reply:

    @truth, ym minus tyga, drake and sometimes wayne = overrated, arrogant etc.


  3. ayo

    the album is just average but tyga is really a good artiste with so much potential but i think young money dont spend much on promotion. The always wait for der artistes songs to build up momentum on radio, instead of outrightly prmoting the songs


    tkayZ Reply:

    @ayo, plz explain to me what about tyga is so special that he’s got “potential”?


  4. Kane

    Nicki Minaj = 5.3 Million albums sold Worldwide
    Drake = 5.5 Million albums sold Worldwide
    The rest of young moneys 2000 artists have sold.. Oh.. Wait..


  5. Amaxing Al

    This niggas a flop


  6. KeepItReal

    this is a major FLOP!!!


  7. Mohamed

    These numbers are terrible bruh


  8. JHP

    Tyga’s buzz peaked with Rack City, no one’s checking for him anymore. I used to like him for a little bit too, but now all his singles sound too much alike, and they’yre weak. He’s always been a pretty basic lyricist to me, but there used to be something about his music I somewhat liked, he’s just whack now. Pretty much everybody on YM not named Drake, Nicki, or Lil Wayne will never even go gold; must less platinum. And all of them suck in my eyes except Drake. Hey, at least Tyga’s doing better than Gudda, Millz, Twist, and Chuckee whose albums have been about to drop for about 3 or 4 years now


  9. Will

    I hate the way some rappers with far worse albums than Tyga sell more! Hotel California is actually a pretty good album and the fact that he made the album in only one month i think it is a pretty good effort.


  10. LordStark

    he can recoup if keeps putting out right singles…


  11. Ale

    Waynes going Gold for sure


  12. channelPink

    I didn’t check for this album but I loved his last album


  13. turquoise.

    Didn’t know he had an album out….


  14. ash

    Tyga is a amazing artist loads of talent along with the other amazing young money artist , people who say they have no talent and are about to flop, check their networth they are definitely making serious cash, so all this no talent talk is just rubbish, if you arnt a fan don’t listen to the music, SIMPLE


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