Video: A Day in the Life of B. Smyth

B. Smyth

Look out, world. B. Smyth has been heating up radio with his debut single “Leggo” featuring 2 Chainz. Now the 19-year-old Florida heartthrob takes cameras along as he embarks on his promising career.

Follow him as he heads to a toy drive, races go karts, and shows off his fancy footwork before taking the stage (don’t miss his moonwalk).

B. Smyth’s debut album is due later this year on Motown Records, the former home of his idol Michael Jackson.

“A lot of artists that came up through Motown are definitely artists that I look up to and definitely inspire me, one being Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Smokey Robinson,” said B. “But it’s an honor and I feel like I have big shoes to fill and can’t wait to fill them.”

Watch his webisode below.

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  1. Jan

    He reminds me of early Chris Brown. But he is very promising artist.


  2. Amaxing Al

    Nahhhh !


  3. The Crowd Updater

    He looks like a Black Taylor Lautner in that pic…


  4. Kate

    Oh, he is so handsome


  5. hungrY.eYes

    im sorry… who???


  6. turquoise.

    He’s very handsome, can sing & dance. Now all he needs is a good machine behind him and good material.


  7. Pelana

    i hate when they sign people just to drop them. nothing unique, nothing to say. what is the purpose? he can’t even sing, he’s just imitating artists who would eat him alive. MJ my ass.


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