Kat Dahlia Performs ‘Gangsta’ on ’106 & Park’

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia kept it real during her appearance on “106 & Park.” The Miami-born singer, who is signed to Sylvia Rhone’s Vested in Culture/Epic Records, discussed the origins of her name, her most embarrassing moment, and meeting Snoop Dogg, who she plans to get in the studio with soon.

She also performed an acoustic version of her single “Gangsta.”

“It touched a nerve with some of my family,” she said of the gritty record.

Kat’s debut My Garden is due in September and her three-song EP is now available on iTunes.

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    song is actually smooth af. im with it.


  2. Ursula

    She’s fake and the whole “down” white girl thing is fake. The label execs must have been on their last leg they they signed her.


    Ice Reply:

    @Ursula, Even though I like the song, after seeing the video, I 100% agree with you. She looks so uncomfortable trying to be street.


    Kid Chris Reply:

    @Ursula, Actually she is cuban. Second,who are you dont have to be dark skinned or black to go through struggle


    Sara Reply:


    First off, she’s LATINA, and she grew up poor in Miami. Know what the fuck you’re talking about before you open your mouth. Ignorant ass…smh


    Ursula Reply:

    @Sara, Awww. You hurt?


    Illen Reply:

    @Ursula you’re butt hurting about race though. White. Spanish. Black. At the end of it who cares. Girl has a voice that’s refreshing to all the current bullshit that gets crammed down the radio.


    Jhonnie C Reply:

    @Ursula, Stop it. That girl looks regular. She got that Miami Chica swag. You have to be from here to understand.


  3. Humz

    Kat needs more exposure


  4. wonderland19

    Like this chick. Why hasn’t nobody done an remix? This song is sick.


  5. Natasha

    I like her and I bought her song on iTunes but she looks TOO basic. She just looks like a fan who had the chance to take a pciture on the 106 & Park stage. She has to do something to stand out, it looks like shes trying but she needs to try a little harder.


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  7. 2smooth

    that girl is bad with a bad as song!!!!


  8. 2smooth

    @ursula ..fuck off you HATER!


  9. A Bad Bitch

    She’s awesome!


  10. D Charm

    Kat is the Sh**! Real recognize real! Im workin on a remix now. Be on the look out! The D Charm remix!!!!!


  11. cynthia

    kat dahlia is bad to the bone and thats why she is gonna make it all the way to the top :-) :-) :-) my personal opinion :”kat dahlia looks ands sounds hella better than other female artists that been in the hip hop world longer than Ms.Kat Dahlia! So all I gotta say is girl do what u do best sing and write your soul out, u gonna make it to the top!!!!


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