Rap-Up TV: Fantasia Wants Missy Elliott to Direct ‘Without Me’ Video

With her fourth album Side Effects of You in stores tomorrow, Fantasia is moving forward with plans for her next single, “Without Me” featuring Missy Elliott and Kelly Rowland. During her interview with Rap-Up TV, the “American Idol” winner explained how the collaboration came together.

“Missy Elliott was the first person I thought about because we’re friends as well as we do business together,” she said of the hip-hop legend, who she met while working on her debut album Free Yourself. “And I knew that she would just lyrically kill the verse.”

After hearing Missy rhyme on J. Cole’s single “Nobody’s Perfect,” she reached out. “She just gave you that old Missy, so I called her and I was like, ‘Hey, I want that. Give me that vibe.’”

She also praised Kelly, who sings on the track. “Right now she’s doing her thing. We both kinda have that same story where you started from the bottom now you’re here,” she said. “She’s doing so well. She’s a strong black woman with strong black features, so I thought I can’t do this record with anybody else but Kelly and Missy.”

Fantasia is already planning a video, and wants Missy to direct it. “I want her to do the video for me. You look back at all her videos and they’re all amazing. She’s a genius. So me, her, and Kelly, we’re gonna get together and do this thing on our own.”

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  1. MEaddict

    Add Director to your list of talents!


  2. EthiDOPEan

    Yessss! I’m so anxious to get that album tomorrow! I’m so proud of fantasia!


  3. InGodsLight



  4. MusicJunkie

    Her album is amazing ‘ i already got it . Im soo proud Of This Women ‘ all the shxtt she goes through and she still manages to make good ass music .


  5. ras

    i cant wait to get the album team tasia lets go hard buy extra copy’s do what ever you have to so we can get our american idol winner back to number one


  6. relly

    That would be great. Love the song already and Missy is innovative


  7. Truth

    Missy has co directed her videos but Dave Meyers is the mastermind behind all of Missys videos. I think Fantasia should get him to direct the video and have Missy come up with the concept that would be dope


    MEaddict Reply:

    Actually Dave Meyers only translates Missys ideas into visuals.
    So the mastermind is Missy.. she just happened to find someone who understands visually what she envisions in her mind.


  8. Mystery

    Before Dave Meyers, she was working with Hype Williams.


  9. Fan

    Downloading the album on iTunes today…CANNOT WAIT!!!


  10. jrsells

    Sweet Baby JESUS! This album is sooooo amazing! Got the copy already and let me tell you folks…EVERY SONG IS HOTT! If Fantasia Barrino don’t get the love and credit she deserves THIS YEAR, SOMEBODY in the industry is Str8 foul and EVIL!!

    GO FANTASIA GO! We love you!


  11. JR

    What wonderful things Fantasia said about Kelly and Missy. Excited to see the video!!


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