New Music: King Los f/ Diddy & Ludacris – ‘Disappointed’

Becoming King

King Los rounds up his Bad Boy boss Diddy and Ludacris on “Disappointed,” the last leak off his mixtape Becoming King, due April 25. Over the Dot & Pro production, Diddy boasts about burning money, Los raps about his new son, and Luda spits about his sex game (“She just got baptized, I Ludachristened her”).

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  1. TrinaFan

    Get it Lola’s man! This reminds me of some old shit and I like it. Nice beat.





  3. Jade

    I’m disappointed in this one….. no pun intended.


  4. Really

    This is a So Apalled knockoff. This boy King Los came to my school yesterday, UMD college park, and performed in a cafeteria room. Haaa. Needless to say it was an awful show. The show was free and he couldn’t even fill up the cafeteria room. The game doesn’t have any more space for a rapper with negative star power.


  5. The Queen Elizabeth

    “Disappoited” is definitely the worst single of this week.


  6. And Your Point IS?



  7. spini

    until I saw the check which said $4885, I accept that my friend woz realie bringing home money parttime at their computer.. there aunt haz done this for less than twenty one months and as of now took care of the dept on their appartment and bourt a brand new Aston Martin DB5. this is where I went,


  8. bibi93



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