Pharrell Talks Marriage, Jay-Z’s New Music, & Miley Cyrus’ Love for Hip-Hop


Just days after the premiere of his Daft Punk collaboration “Get Lucky,” Pharrell paid a visit to “The Angie Martinez Show” on Hot 97. The Neptunes hitmaker, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, spoke about his secrets to looking young (He washes his face and uses Cetaphil), the success of “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines,” and getting married to fiancée Helen Lasichanh.

“Yeah, of course,” he says when asked about their plans to tie the knot.

He revealed that he has new music on the way from Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, Kylie Minogue, Busta Rhymes, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, No Doubt, and Miley Cyrus, who he attests is a big hip-hop fan.

Read highlights from the interview below.

On how he stays looking youthful: “Naomi Campbell taught me a couple of tricks back in the day, just like washing your face with cold water, keeping your pours closed, just little stuff like that.”

On his changed lifestyle: “I’m a different guy in a sense that I’m not touching no other women besides my girl. I love my family. I’m super happy.”

On relationship advice: “I’m not a relationship expert, but I just recommend that you get with your bestie ’cause ya’ll agree on everything.”

On Jay-Z’s new music: “The Rain Man is back. I gave him a straight up Stanley Kubrick movie.”

On Miley Cyrus: “She can tell you everything about Waka Flocka. She can tell you when Gucci Mane came out. She means it ’cause she grew up in that. She grew up listening to that with all her friends. She’s showing you the signs that she’s a different girl.”

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  1. BreezyLover

    Rain Man is back?

    Def. Illuminati!


    C94B Reply:


    “Rain Man” is a cultural reference, Einstein. Meaning the genius.


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @BreezyLover, dudes can’t stand beside a triangle without accusations from you idiots


  2. Hannibal

    No its not a Illuminati reference, its more of a reference to the movie Rain Man with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.


    mrsotw Reply:

    @Hannibal, Jay z is to rapping what Dustin hoffman was to gambling/numbers. a genuis,


  3. Prettyboyflyod

    Mrs. rain is back, little ms sunshine where you at? Lol


  4. Tara

    i remember in 2009 when miley cyrus said that she never heard a jay-z song, now she know about hip-hop ? please take a seat miley !


    Destiny Reply:

    @Tara, Yes, please!


    Neickha Reply:

    @Tara, OMg I was going to say that. And she said she didn’t even listen to rap music That song “Party in the Usa” was only made to promote her walmart clothing line.


  5. Ursula

    Hip Hop’s Benjamin Button.


  6. Jay-Me

    Love this guy. #NoHomo Got my Cetaphil on order.


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  8. bosschick

    wait the same miley who said she had never heard a jay z song before?


  9. luh

    screw miley a white gal js inlv wid sumtng she aint knw.i mean u dnt knw da real hip hop if u havent heard any of mr carterz songz.js dnt sae t again miley dat tng z nt 4 u ryt.u knw u stl yung


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