Video: Alicia Keys f/ Maxwell – ‘Fire We Make’

Maxwell and Alicia Keys

She set the charts on fire with her female anthem “Girl on Fire.” Now Alicia Keys is burning up the screen in the sizzling video for “Fire We Make,” her duet with Maxwell off her album Girl on Fire.

The R&B songstress cozies up to her hunky co-star and cools herself off with ice in the Chris Robinson-directed clip, which was shot in New Orleans.

Watch them turn up the heat just in time for summer.

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  1. Adelephant

    yassss werkkk Alicia ! i still hated Girl on Fire but this makes up for it :)


  2. Alicia is on Fire

    Alicia can’t do no wrong in any of her videos. Sexyness, Feelin herself, Great Vibe, Groovin, Fire Babyyy, Dopeness, Hotness anything u can think of. Alicia is dat WOMAN ON FIRE u go boo.


  3. D.kellz

    This is my favorite song on this album and I’ve always enjoyed Maxwell.


  4. deeJay

    there was steaming coming off the screen this is FIRRREE!!


  5. Jay-Me

    Is it just me or does this version sound slightly different to the album version in terms of production.

    AK was really getting into this. I hope it’s the big hit it deserves to be. Such a great song.


    Add Joey Mannarino on Facebook! Reply:

    @Jay-Me, just you I think! I know this song front & back from replaying it almost every day since November. Sounds the same to me.


  6. DRB

    Such hydrated lips. Beautiful.
    The colors in this video were great.
    I likey.


  7. Yasmine

    YAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS, y’all did that!!! NOLA….


  8. Karen

    Alicia is in character for sure and doing her thing very well. She looks so amazing in that cream colored dress. Beautiful and classy video. I too hope it gets the recognition it deserves. Still hoping for “Listen to Your Heart” to be released also.


    Kyle Reply:

    @Karen, “Listen To Your Heart” is an AMAZING song. Probably my favorite from the album.


  9. valerie



  10. Kyle

    The video definitely compliments the song well. Wow, they have great chemistry. If Swizz ever leaves Alicia, she should go to Maxwell. They would make so much sense together.


    S* Reply:

    @Kyle, have u seen the chemistry between Maxwell and Kerry Washington!?? in Maxwell’s video?


  11. hannah

    OK am I the only one who has had this song on repeat after seeing the video? So good!


  12. spini

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  13. Fa

    I dunno about you all but his first duet must have been with Sade!
    Simply cause all of his fans and sade fans were begging them both for years!
    I guess team clive won this one and his fans lost!
    Not my cup of tea, sounds very contrieved and his voice is very limited concidering he is a surpreme mal vocalist.
    Love the red! Colour of next season!
    Great video!
    But in total not really wow!


  14. koko

    Yesssssss!!!! Love it. Go AK and Maxwell. Perfect video for the song.


  15. Kate

    Omg love it


  16. mymie



  17. Ryu

    Absolutely love the video and the song.


  18. shanelle

    great song


  19. Jay

    Beautiful song!! They sound really great together. Hearing Maxwell’s voice really takes me back. And Alicia is looking beautiful!! :)


  20. Jormarcus

    Tears always win!!! This video is fireeeee baby Good job!! #team werk!


  21. Kate

    This is music


  22. JustCoastWitHa



  23. Jeremy

    Good video once again Alicia hopefully another number 1 song


  24. bibi93

    Very good!!!


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