Video: Astro – ‘Catchin’ Wreck’


Astro aka The Astronomical Kid goes back to Brooklyn in the video for “Catchin’ Wreck,” the second visual off his mixtape Deadbeats and Lazy Lyrics. The 17-year-old “X Factor” alum kicks rhymes as he walks across the Brooklyn Bridge and through the graffitied streets, carrying a boombox on his shoulder and riding the subway.

Astro is currently in the studio working on his Epic Records debut.

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  1. Donn

    I appreciate what he’s TRYING to do, but honestly where is the substance?

    All I was heard was my lyrical game is this, you ain’t flyer than me, where’s the knowledge. These boom bap rappers have the flow down but don’t understand how to kick knowledge over the beats like Nas, Raekwon, Rakim and alot of rappers did.

    Gotta talk about the violence plaguing our ppl, cops shooting unarmed kids, the conspiracies against us. That’s what your voice is for.


    truth Reply:

    @Donn, cosign


    spini Reply:

    @truth, If you think Benjamin`s story is impressive,, 3 weeks ago my dad basically made the small fortune of $5628 sitting there a fourty hour month in their apartment and there roomate’s half-sister`s neighbour has done this for four months and brought home over $5628 parttime at their labtop. applie the steps at this site,


    robwashere_ Reply:

    @Donn, clearly you have not heard his mixtape. He raps about his life experiences. The boy is a teenager, and I’m tired of people thinking you have to rap about deep topics, music is an expression, he can rap about anything he wants to.


  2. Kate



  3. Sasha

    Donn– what are you doing for the youth..the world even? Besides posting nonsense comments on blog sites. Astro COULD be out here talking about phuckin’, drugs, hot cars, this that and the third but he’s NOT!! Shut your dumb assss up and give this brother credit…


    jefferysaywhat Reply:

    @Sasha, Yessss!!! Say It One More Time!!! Astro Is One Of The Greatest Young MCs To Come About In The Past 7 Years!!! So, I Appreciate Astro, Jaden Smith, Becky G., and Young Marqus.


  4. Milly

    Astro is bringing back what has been lost for a LONG TIME!!!


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