Rap-Up TV: Tamar Braxton Readies Summertime Single ‘The One’

“Funners, funners, funners, in the summer, summer, summer,” says Tamar Braxton of her second single “The One.” Rap-Up TV was on the Santa Monica set as the very pregnant singer shot the video for the follow-up to “Love and War.”

“It has so much energy, it’s so fun, it’s a summertime anthem record,” explains the “Braxton Family Values” star of the feel-good song, which samples the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Juicy” and was produced by Yung Berg and LaShawn Daniels.

Although she is well into her pregnancy, she was having a blast eating junk food and enjoying the rides at the Santa Monica Pier.

“The concept of the video is just a summer throwback,” she says of the Gil Green-directed clip, which was shot on the beach. “It kinda gives you that feeling when you was in high school and you was with your boyfriend or your girlfriend and you go to the park and you hang out and you get all cutie, and it’s just funners.”

The mom-to-be recently inked a deal with L.A. Reid at Epic Records, where she will release her album Love and War later this year. “It’s really a blessed situation,” says Tamar.

In the meantime, the self-described “ratchet queen” has been listening to 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, T.I., and Fantasia’s new album Side Effects of You. “My baby is ratchet just like its mama,” she laughs.

“The One” is slated for release on Tuesday, May 7.

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  1. Redchainsaw

    Her annoying persona overshadows her talent


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  3. x

    Redchainsaw – If you don’t like her personality, why are you reading this article? Just admit it – you like Tamar. It’s ok – I like her too. :)


  4. xylina

    Saw her film the video. It looks like she hated the pier and appeared miserable. She is a very rude hearted person she cant say no thank you than to yell out and give attitude. She has lost a loving fan the other day and i have already deleted her album i paid off my itunes. She ruined my happy day (i guess i cant just get one). I lear.ed a lesson the other day there are alot people out there who dont appreciate what they have, nor realize why they have it. its to say some people just dont truly deserve what they got.


    girl..sit Reply:

    @xylina, she is about 7 1/2 to 8 months pregnant so she was probably hot not miserable. also it sounds like youre telling half of the story..did you speak to her and she didnt say no thank you?
    dont judge a persons heart either especially when you dont know them


    A'ron Reply:

    @xylina, have SEVERAL seats. To pass judgement and write off someone so quickly shows you aren’t a loving fan. If you were, you would be more understanding of what happens behind the scenes on video shoots. Hair, make-up, wardrobe, multiple shots to get the lighting right, 16 hour days sometimes. Now add the fact that she’s almost 8 months pregnant into the mix. So if she seemed rude, consider the circumstances. Tamar has to work twice as hard because of her age and getting out of Toni’s spotlight. I think she realizes without her fans she’s not going to make it. She has bad days just like you do and I’m sure some days you don’t wanna deal with people either. Now imagine if you had 200 fans wanting to be in your face. Sorry to ramble but it pisses me off how people call themselves loving fans or loyal fans or whatever and then write them off when they act like “normal” people. She don’t need fans like you. She has her real tamartians behind her.


    xylina Reply:

    she didnt have 200 fans just one other then her possy. she cant spread kindness to one obviously couldnt handle 200.


    A'ron Reply:

    @xylina, I find it hard to believe that someone films a music video on a public beach, let alone the Santa Monica peer, and you’re the only fan. Braxton Family Values is one of highest rated reality television show, she has her own spin-off with her husband, Love and War shot to number one on iTunes within twelve hours of it’s release and yet NO ONE BUT YOU knew who she was??? Your story doesn’t add up.


  5. fin

    I love Tamar and I loove the one! It’s a great song.



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  7. xylina

    Well it was not that cold outside she was acting like she was freezing. I remember when I was pregnant I was always warm and hot. Being outside in cold weather does not necessarily mean your going to get sick. Me and my friend were nicely watching her shoot the video. Once the camera shut off diva attitude came out. Being the nice person I am I kindly asked if I could get a picture with her and I get a “I ain’t gonna get naked and take a pic wit you” I understand she didn’t want too. But like I said unclearly above. All she had to say was no thank you. She obviously lacked respect. Nobody at the pier even knew who she was in the first place really I really liked her new album bought it off iTunes I considered myself fan. If she can’t be nice to one fan. Why should I support her by buying her music. I deleted her music off my iTunes. I wish I could get a refund, she really made me feel like shit. Came to L.a with a smile and went home upset.


    BabyGirl Reply:

    @xylina, girl I can tell u lyin cuz her album aint even out yet she only has 1 thing on itunes which is love and war a REAL fan would know it dont come out until fall cuz shes pregnant and cant promote it like she wants. I think u are a hater making up stuff to make her look bad please u need to get ur life and get your facts straight while u are lying about people.


    xylina Reply:


    why would i make up a story about tamar braxton. I am not a kiss ass. nor appreciate people being rude whoever you are. as in saying album i meant singles off itunes and i still want my refund.


    i am a real person. its easy to say no thank you.


    girl..sit Reply:

    @xylina, i understand your feelings might have been hurt but understand also she is about 8 months pregnant. she has been on tv on Anderson Live to be exact, and stated that she has been having cold chills during her pregnancy. if she was wrapped up like that then she more than likely was cold. your pregnancy has nothing to do with how hers is you are not tamar and tamar is not you so how you felt during pregnancy will not be the same for the next girl. you may not have gotten your pic with tamar but you got a pic of her. if she came off rude fine im not saying she didnt but her mindset at that moment was probably more that she was cold and didnt want to uncover for a pic.


    sassi Reply:

    xylina, I know u didn’t say Tamar had a attitude “shockin”. Lol! U sound like Toni. Are u Toni????????? The SECRET HATER…


  8. b

    did you read your own posts? I this, I that.

    Maybe you weren’t cold, but doesn’t mean she can’t be. And just because you were pregnant and was always warm and hot doesn’t mean it the same for Tamar. I understand that you asked for a picture and you were upset but hello she have the right to say no. she’s at work/shooting a video


  9. xylina

    Not upset about no. She made a scene and said everything by no.


  10. x

    Get over it xylina. Just consider how you’d feel if you were at WORK and people come up to you to ask to take a picture. At some point, you get annoyed. I’ve spoken to Tamar and she was very sweet. Yes, she said something smart to me because she mis-understood something I said, but I didn’t get bent out of shape. I corrected her and we kept talking. I plan to support her music career and I can’t wait to see her in concert.


  11. keyan

    Umm…its April 30th and as usual, Tamar’s pushing things back.But I’m sure it will be worth, she’s a great entertainer!


  12. x

    FYI…Tamar said the album is not coming out until AFTER her baby is born.


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