New Music: French Montana f/ DJ Khaled, Mavado, Rick Ross, Wale, & Nicki Minaj – ‘Freaks (Remix)’

Freaks (Remix)

French Montana adds some island flavor to his single “Freaks.” With less than a month to go until his debut Excuse My French drops, the Bad Boy rapper re-ups with the remix featuring DJ Khaled, Mavado, Rick Ross, and Wale. Rozay raps in a Jamaican patois, while Mavado sings the hook on the Rico Love production.

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  1. im me

    o see that’s where they f***ed up…takin out Onika’s verse.


    kwayzee Reply:

    @im me, right. and why is her name still on it?? wtf. i guess cus her end part id still there


    Ice Reply:

    @kwayzee, Have you forgotten that she does the chorus too?


    LMAO Reply:

    @im me,

    LMAO not even Nicki could save this meatball.. thats why he went and enlisted +55 artist.



  2. JustCoastWitHa

    mmmm.. #TurnDownForWhat ?


  3. YO!

    The most wackest rappers on one track.. hip hop fakes they are, all of them.


  4. Tommy minaj

    This is fucking retarted . Where’s nic??? SUCKS!!


  5. Zack

    Its better as the orginal(thank god nicki’s taken out), but i still dont feel this one.


    Sushi Reply:

    @Zack, That’s cuz Nicki’s part is out. It made the song interesting comical, but now it’s like, “Something’s missing”


    Zack Reply:

    @Sushi, nah its just the wrong people. Wale is good, but Rozay and Khaled are ridiculous. Im not even gonna start about Mavado. Didnt like the original either. French is horrible, so is Nicki.


    opd2 Reply:

    @Zack, f-ck you.


  6. LOLatHaters

    He should just take this song as a L and move on to the next single or push his album back.


  7. ShadeNOShade

    Ya Are Saying THIS Is Better Than Nic’s Verse? Ya Must Be DEAF. Not Feeling This Remix At All. Also DON’T Put Nicki Minaj’s Name On A Song If She’s Not Even Rapping. THE END OF THE SONG DOES NOT COUNT IDC. If You’re Going To Make A Remix At Least Make Sure It’s Better Than The Original.


  8. lily

    a mess


  9. ♦CorCor♦



  10. Jaye

    LOL @ French taking Nicki’s verse off the song, but keeping her name on it to sell it. Nawl, bruh


  11. cheel

    hahahahahahah french thought the originial with nicki was going to be a #1 song on billboard and it didnt come close so now he releases a remix loaded with additional features child PLEASE! lol


  12. channelPink

    Their verses had nothing to do with Freaks Ross and Wale rapped about cars and irrelevant shit.. Mavado held no purpose, Nicki’s ending part added on to that therefore the remix is just WHACK. I’ll stick to the original.


  13. dazzlingera

    Ok 1st WHY THE FUCK THEY TAKE OUT NICKI VERSE then Rozay stay away from jamaican patois Freaks perfect remix French Montana Movado Nicki Minaj and Wale


  14. Nik

    Didn’t he guarantee this song was going to reach “top 40″ on the billboard


  15. Jay

    The singing part of Ross’s verse is annoying.


  16. MinajSlayedMetGala

    This shit is lame now that nicki is out of it #IKnowImLate


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