‘American Idol’ Contestants Cover Drake and Rihanna

Candice and Angie

“American Idol” took on Drake and Rihanna on last night’s show. The final four ladies impressed the judges with their covers of the top 5 hits. Self-professed Drake fan Candice Glover, who met the rapper last year, performed his 2010 single “Find Your Love.” She slowed down the Kanye West-produced song, but Nicki thought it was a bit old fashioned.

Nicki told Drizzy about the performance, and hoped to get his thoughts on tonight’s results show.

Candice later dueted with Angie Miller on a rock-driven version of Rihanna’s “Stay,” receiving a standing ovation from the judges.

Who had the best performance? Watch both below.

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  1. bobs

    That version of STAY makes me want to rip my ear drums out. What the F?????


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @bobs, the fact that Rihanna WILL never deliver vocals like this makes you want to rip your ears off o.O


    mumi Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, Lol. Rih showed that she can sing and she improved in many ways.


  2. Stylesbyfame

    -_______- naaa


  3. Jay Z

    Where’s the Tap Out video!!!!!!!


    channelPink Reply:

    @Jay Z, LOL


  4. Sushi



  5. Michelle M.

    I love Candice’s performance of Find Your love. Amazing vocals.


  6. wqd

    jeff bhasker produced find your life


  7. channelPink

    The Stay duet was HORRIBLE. Their voices don’t match.


  8. Rsmona

    You’re awesome!!! U can sing and perform anyone song. Actually, I think you do better then the artist you’re performing for.
    You’re really blessed to have that! I’m very proud of you. My kids love all your performance, now they’re singing and wanting to go church. Keep doing what u do, its beautiful.


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  10. Diamondgirl

    Ruined it!!!!!! both song were horrible but especially Stay. Apart of what makes “Stay” so great is the emotion it conveys but the subdued way it is sung. They over sung it. Massacring the melody and emotion. Poor Angie I can understand not wanting to be outdone by Candice’s “big” vocals, but sometimes you can get recognized just for staying true to yourself probably allowing for better harmony and depth to the performance instead of you both yelling and so annoyingly I might add. better try next time


  11. wonderland19

    Two perfect examples of over doing a song. WoW both horrible. ‘Stay’ was just…………… BAD. That totally sucked!


  12. Setra

    It’s hard to say who did a better job, I enjoyed both performances. I liked how they each did their own version of each song. I’m glad I didn’t miss it even though I was at work at DISH when it aired. I set up my DISH Hopper to record all primetime shows that came on FOX with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. Because of this I don’t have to set up an individual timer for American Idol each week.


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