J. Cole Reminisces About His ‘Super-Duper Crush’ on Alicia Keys

J. Cole

Before he was a platinum rapper signed to Roc Nation, J. Cole was just a regular 14-year-old looking to meet his dream girl, Alicia Keys. In his interview with The Fat Jew for The Crosby Press, Cole spoke about his “super-duper crush” on the “Fallin’” singer.

“There was a few of these in my life. Mariah Carey was one when I was real young. Alicia Keys when I was a little older. I felt like I had a chance,” he said.

He went to her concert in Dallas in 1999 and after her set, he waited outside for her to leave. He imagined that he would get to meet her and whisk her off her feet, but it didn’t quite play out that way. Instead, she got in the car and left.

“I say all that to say, there’s nothing really weird to me that a fan can do. … I get it,” said Cole.

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  1. TomTom

    Who doesn’t he have a super duper crush on?


    Elena Reply:

    @TomTom, Your mother.


  2. Dan

    Imagine this: A. Cole? The joke practically writes itself haha. No, but seriously, who didn’t have a crush on Alicia at one point or the other?


  3. Thedon

    Dope, Can’t wait for Born Sinner!


  4. Breeangel

    Well Cole there are many young girls who crush on you…i’d know because im one of them…i cant wait for that next single because i’ve played Power Trip hundreds of times on my iPod already..i need new Cole music and im so happy its going to be a Cole Summer..that album will be amazing i just know it : )


  5. Ursula

    He always did have that stalker vibe to him. Especially with those big ol eyeballs.


    Wayne Reply:

    @Ursula, And yet here you are on his post with your big ol eyeballs reading the fuck outta the details. Pot calling the kettle black.


  6. Mr Nice Watch

    Mary Juana.


  7. Kristiopher

    1999?? Alicia keys wasn’t even out then? So please tell me he mean mariah carey


    musiclover4life Reply:

    @Kristiopher, Alicia wasn’t out mainstream yet, but she’d been testing her music ever since 1998 in local clubs, and other joints. He meant Alicia Keys. Almost every artist has sung in pubs before they rose to fame. Columbia Records had Alicia doing it.


  8. Thax bluere time B*

    he should work with alicia keys on her album if that work for them)J. Cole,Alicia keys


  9. Kelvin

    I love akeys


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