New Music: Iggy Azalea – ‘Bounce’

Just in time for summer, Iggy Azalea shakes up the dance floor with her second U.K. single “Bounce.” The electro-dance record, which will appear on her upcoming debut The New Classic, boasts some rapid rhymes from Iggy over a bouncy beat.

“Shake it, make it, break it, bounce!” declares the 22-year-old Australian.

The blonde rapper, who just signed a deal with Island Def Jam in the U.S., recently shot a Bollywood-themed video for the song in India. It is set to debut on May 5.

Meanwhile, she continues to promote “Work” as her first U.S. single.

Work up a sweat to Iggy’s new anthem.

  • Drea


    • Pereezy YMCMB.MMG

      @Drea, Thank God for Givin’ Us Nicki and Iggy cuz These other h*es like Kim and Azelea be makin my hears bleed.

      Great S**t. Clack Clack Bang Bang we in the murda Bizness

    • Mooriah

      @Drea, She’s Desperate For A Hit.The Song Is So Repetitive.I Rather Listen To Starshit.

      Was It Me Or Did She Sound Like K Dollar Sign Ha

      • TheQueenIsHere

        @Mooriah, girl bye.

  • Mrs.Carter

    I love you iggi but leave Azealia banks lane alone!! she can only pull this shit off…#noshades

    • beam me up scotty

      @Mrs.Carter, girl please lol ABANKS failed with yung rapunxel bye

      • Nick

        @beam me up scotty, but Yung Rapunxel wasn’t meant to be a radio single like Work was lol…….

      • Mrs.Carter

        @beam me up scotty, shut up before i have scotty beat the shit outta you! I aint talking about yung rapunxel im talking bout in general! have a seat!

  • Kwayzee

    so is female rap turning pop? interesting. s/o to super bass for starting it all :D

    • Jade

      @Kwayzee, I cosign this lool

    • Nick

      @Kwayzee, Obviously you don’t listen to her music.

      • Mrs.Carter

        @Nick, Super Bass is not pop HOE! starship is! have severals…

        • Kwayzee

          @Mrs.Carter, LMAOOOO. seriously dude? super bass is pop. When Nicki explained Roman Reloaded she said “Did some Super Bass type songs” so you have a seat my darling :)

          • Kwayzee STAN

            @Kwayzee, She’s Getting Pop And Electro-Dance Mixed Up.

            Super Bass Was Po
            Starship Was Electro-Dance

      • Kwayzee

        @Nick, it makes my ears bleed so i try not to

        • Mrs.Carter

          @Kwayzee, first of all i ain’t a dude so dont call me that! second of all I REPEAT it’s not starship is!

          • Kwayzee

            @Mrs.Carter, DUDE, super bass is labeled as POP on itunes & wiki. and if the OWNER OF THE DAMN SONG says its pop. its pop

          • Bey(HIV)+

            @Mrs.Carter, Wait So Super Bass Is Hip Hop Then,No Wait Its R&B.

            No No Its Rock.

  • VMili

    It’s too repetitive, its basically relying on the instrumental :/

  • Fabbs

    I really do like it. But it’s funny how people lashed out on Nicki for releasing pop records. Anyway. SHAKE IT, BREAK IT, MAKE IT BOUNCE!!!

    • LOLatHaters

      @Fabbs, This shit has a little more of a raunchiness to it and that is what pound the bullshit and starshits did not have. That was for the whites this could get played in black clubs.

      • Kayklz

        @LOLatHaters, disagree with this.

      • k

        @LOLatHaters,you tried to justify it i see,tell me what black clubs this will be played in,this d-mn song here sound so white.

        • VMili

          @k, thats why its for the UK, majority of people there like this

          • Righteous

            @VMili, Seriously though…….. what the fcuk are you talking about?

      • NickiMinajLuvMe

        @LOLatHaters, have a seat that will not get played in any URBAN CLUBS! point blank period!! it’s a flop like “Work” was no one will even be close to Nicki at this rate , Azealia,Iggy, & Especially Lola . . . . Nice try tho

  • channelPink

    I love that Hip-Hop music is going the more global route. Before rap was what it is now rappers (Dj’s) used to freestyle at disco nights. That was way before Pac & B.I.G

    • Mrs.Carter

      @channelPink, shut up! how u know?!?

      • Andy

        @Mrs.Carter, he/she is a wizard/witch with the power of Google

  • bobs

    probably the worst thing I’ve heard from her ever. I like her other stuff a lot.

    • VMili

      @bobs, I agree. I love everything else she did… except this

  • Brandon

    Iggy never once shaded Nicki so kill the woe is Nicki bullshit

  • deelee

    i dont even like this chick and even i know she is better than this.

  • nicko

    IM DISAPPOINTED :(( IM TEAMMINAJ but I kinda like Iggy n I thought this single would be better than ‘Work’ n its not. IGGY NEEDS TO STEP HER BARS UP !! ASAP ! her lyrics r too weak :((

  • joseph

    i am dissapointed !! commercial songgg

  • joseph

    i miss Missy eliott , Foxy brown , lil kim ……

    • A Bad Bitch

      @joseph, Me too!I miss the talented rappers!

  • lily

    She sounds exactly like Ke$ha on this one

  • King B

    Ain’t nobody got time for this!!

    • Bernice Jenkins

      @King B, you did bitch!

      • Kate

        @Bernice Jenkins, hoe shut your fake ass up. this dumb pale bitch cant rap and f*cks black men for tracks.

        • joseph


      • King B

        @Bernice Jenkins, No bitch, i wish someone would told me it was techno before i checked it out! I wouldnt wast my time! Have servals hoe!

  • Dutch

    It’s a dutch classic from the nineties, Speedy J – Pullover, still one of the best underground DJ’s in the Techno scene

  • I’m going to stick around. “Work” was everything and this is catchy. This post has nothing to do with Nicki. Nicki wasn’t the first to combine Pop/Hip-Hop so come correct. Y’all Nicki fans are quick to say “If it wasn’t for Nicki” but when we say “If it wasn’t for Lil Kim” y’all get butthurt. Funny. Thanks for checking up on Igg’s!

  • Jay

    Yeah man!!! I love it!!! Man, I’ve loved Iggy ever since I saw the videos for The Last Song and My World. It’s not just the fact that Iggy is sexy as hell, there’s something about her that just grabs your attention…it’s from within. She’s just so unique. I’m pumped to hear more from her. This song right here is HOTT!!! I can’t wait for the album!!!! :)

  • JHP

    I don’t even care about the song, I’m just crossing my fingers that she’s half-naked and twerking in the music video.

  • JoJo

    she said its meant to be a light summer song and I love it

  • JoJo

    This Video Is Going To SLAAAAAAAAAAAAY

  • Hugh



    she’s succccccckssssss

  • john

    this girl is about to get MONEY!!!!!

  • Kate

    Oh god why??????? What the fuck this girls voice sucks and her music sucks and oh i cant

  • Nicky

    I love it!I hope the song is gonna be a huge hit!

  • notahater

    sounds like kesha!

  • Yourboycelebrity

    Naw… I love iggy, but this is not my taste. To commercial

  • mumi

    I like the song but I just want to remind everybody that Azealia Banks will rip her ass off this year. :)

  • A Bad Bitch

    This sounds like a M.I.A. song

  • Miss AMerica

    N. MINAJ

    all different styles of music ! & she try to mimic all of them. trying to hard to win. be different. and being australian with a fake ass is not the only different im talkin about. im talkin about musically. IFFY is a gimmick

    • JoJo

      @Miss AMerica, wtf are you talking about. You cleary dont even know Iggy Azalea because she has a sound thats hers, aint nobody doing EDM and Hip Hop

      • Yodaddy

        @JoJo, AZEALIA BANKS RAPS ON EDM TRACKS, house music tracks , vogue tracks.

        • JoJo

          @Yodaddy, she does house music and vogue beats not EDM there’s a difference

          Beat Down ;)

  • delusional

    @…, true

  • christ

    HUSTLE GANG NIGGA !!! that shes killin erything actually that T.I. protegee she’s very strong

  • christ

    that T.I. protegee she’s a new superstar in the rap game!!! HUSTLE GANG

  • B-rocka

    Dear Christ WTF is this…



  • Jyunus

    Awesome track! But who produced it???

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  • bibi93

    We love U Iggy!!

  • zachery

    hey I can rap most of your songs and it is so cool and find me on facebook