New Music: Wyclef Jean – ‘April Showers’ [Mixtape]

Wyclef Jean

While Lauryn Hill has inked a new deal with Sony, her Fugees bandmate Wyclef Jean is touting his first mixtape April Showers.

The Haitian rapper crafts 33 tracks including the previously released “Hip Hop” and “Mid Life Crisis.” Clef calls on some familiar names including T.I., Waka Flocka Flame, Mobb Deep, and the late Whitney Houston (whose dubplates he releases), while introducing new talent signed to his Refugee La Republique Records.

“With April Showers, I am going to show you where I feel the evolution and future of music is going. From this body of work you can expect a futuristic sonic eclectic sound,” says Wyclef. “April Showers promises a forecast that will help bring brighter days to hip-hop fans across the globe.”

Download his tape and watch the video for “Mid Life Crisis” below.

Download: Wyclef Jean – April Showers

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  1. Zoz

    33 ? God damn.


  2. chutzpah

    it’s boring, and i like wyclef and grew up with the fugees but this thing is boring.


    Blakk Reply:

    @chutzpah, I agree this mix tape is boring..


  3. it's me letters

    these fools don’t know genius if it hits them in the face. It’s like high fructose corn syrup. They’ve had too much of that poison they forget water is sweet.


    Thundacat Reply:

    @it’s me letters, !! #dead


  4. umm

    This video…


  5. Asa

    Waiting for someone to edit that cover art with a yellow tint and replace ‘April’ with ‘Golden’.


  6. DR DRE

    Wyclef April showers is a joke. Boring music, all of them…


  7. DR DRE

    Wyclef lost his musical skills…


  8. DJ Nice

    Dre you are right about wyclef jean. I was told that Sony Music did not want to deal with wyclef anymore. Very sad for the fugees..


  9. DJ Nice

    I took my time to listen to all the tracks, I`m sorry clef, there`s not even 1 hit song…nada..


  10. DJ Nice

    I don`t understand this shit, both Lauryn Hill and Wyclef smell like failure to me. Both of them should have been the president or the CEO of Columbia Records right now instead of looking for a deal or releasing mixtapes wow…


  11. Blakk

    Dj nice you are on the money nigga, wyclef is a fuck up nigga. This nigga never helped anybody at all son. this nigga only worry about himself..


  12. Blakk

    Wyclef mixtape is no good and boring..


  13. Pras

    This Mixtape disrespect the Fugees legacy… clef need to retired for real..


  14. VCD

    Wyclef mixtape is not good at all…


  15. nadia

    I love wyclef but I agree, he need to retired and enjoy his money if he still has money..


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