Fantasia Shares Her Testimony on ‘The View’


Fantasia brought some sunshine to “The View” on Monday morning. Following the release of her fourth album Side Effects of You last week, the 28-year-old singer sat down with the ladies and guest host Jenny McCarthy, and spoke about the “dark moment” in her life and how she’s moved on.

“I wanted away, I wanted peace,” she said of her attempted suicide. “I was taking care of everybody, holding everything down. And there were so many things that were going wrong in the career, being so young, winning ‘American Idol’ at 19, nobody really preps you. It just all goes so fast.”

But she has learned to appreciate the small things in life including her two kids. “God put me here for a reason. It’s not my time to go anywhere,” said Tasia.

The resilient singer showed her strength with a powerful performance of her testimonial “Lose to Win.”


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  1. @AveOneTheRocks

    Fantasia —> Fantastic



    She promoted the hell out of this album. Kelly and Brandy could learn a thing or two from her.


    jefferysaywhat Reply:

    @BEYONCELAND, I love you for this comment, and everyone could learn a thing or two from Fantasia… I’m loving everything about her this year, and one of my many top 10 favorite vocalist!!! #TeamFantasia #RockandSoulMovement


    parkerj Reply:

    @BEYONCELAND, Fantasia has fans in high places (Barbara Walters, Robin Roberts, Ellen/Jay Leno/Steve Harvey (she’ll be on soon)…so she has somewhat of the hook up when it comes to tv promo…unfortunately we can’t say the same about Kelly and Brandy. Plus Tasia also had an amazing album to back her up/and label support.


    DRB Reply:

    @parkerj, Good promo to me is this + promo in the long run… beyond the first week or two.


    Ray Reply:

    @BEYONCELAND, it’s not up to them it’s the team


    Coolie J Reply:


    Thank You!

    Yall act like other artists don’t want to promote their work! Of course they do, but they can only do so much. A label has to give support as well.


    JFB Reply:



  3. ras

    fantasia was the amazing love it


  4. DKW



  5. LOLatHaters

    I am so happy she is finally getting it together and looking great!


  6. ArchBishopOprah

    I love how she always sounds if she’s preaching when she speaks lol


  7. Kristiopher

    I would to c her and Monica do a duet!!! That would be massive for r&b!


    yooo Reply:

    @Kristiopher, lets face it would be massive for Monica. She needs a hit this time around because her relevancy is losing steam. Good thing for her is she can sing her ASS OFF, so u can never count her out. However, she needs better songs/concept to back up the powerful voice of hers.


  8. Shaytan

    I died at the white woman in the audience! She was like Yes B*tch She Did That!”


  9. @shawnimpulse

    My baby! :)


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  11. jrsells

    In Fantasia fashion all i’m going to say is “GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! She is the Truth and its bout time someone noticed the real and not the fake…. EVERYONE! GO BUY THE ALBUM, EVERY MUTHA****EN TRACK IS FIRE! A SOLID EFFORT! BY IT NOW!REQUEST ON RADIO, NOW!!


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