Video: Sean Kingston f/ Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa – ‘Beat It’

Wiz Khalifa, Sean Kingston, and Chris Brown

The summer starts now. Sean Kingston turns up the heat in the Colin Tilley-directed video for his first single “Beat It.” The 23-year-old singer throws a massive party with his friends Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa at a mansion in Malibu. The fellas live like rock stars, partying poolside with bikini-clad babes as helicopters circle around them.

“It’s just the modern day Rat Pack,” Kingston told of the trio. “I’m 23, we all grown, so you really see us in a different light. We’re in suits, hot in fashion, just very swag and everything’s real tasteful. Helicopters, luxury cars, Ferraris, classic cars…”

Kingston’s third album Back 2 Life is due later this year featuring collaborations with Shakira, T.I., 2 Chainz, and Busta Rhymes.

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  1. okay!

    Okay Let the summer start! Great song!


  2. WonderLand19



  3. tika stephens

    Dop video and sick song!


  4. Zack

    NEVER put CB in a song named Beat It…


    BreezyLover Reply:


    Wow, still? After 4 years? Try again…


    Zack Reply:

    @BreezyLover, am not saying he’s a bad artist for doing that. He’s just need to be more careful what he’s doing.


    .... Reply:

    @Zack, get over the situation. and the song is about girl want have sex with them why do people like you always got take something cb dose out of context for..


    •◘Z○MG◘• Reply:



  5. wonderland19

    For such a sick song, this video was real weak. Typical pool scenes and girls…….. no creativity at all. I’m shocked this is a Colin Tiley video because usually he directs creative videos with cool visuals.
    I’ll just play this song without the video thanks.

    P.S. This song is such a smash :)


    shanelle Reply:

    @wonderland19, i agree with you !! chris is always playing immature songs for money !!
    Look at Miguel, timberlake, franck ocean or drake wo are in the building and make the better song !!! i am so happy cus they are here again !! with chris brown the rnb will be die


    iluvnicki Reply:

    @shanelle, shut your ass up you always on some post with that same comment shut up,and its make better songs not make the better song stay in school.


    CBE Reply:

    @shanelle, this is Sean Kingston video…like what the hell… chris brown! chris brown! get off the kid’s nuts let him breathe.


  6. Penny Proud Lil Sis



  7. And Your Point IS?

    Alright this was -___-


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  11. 2bad2bme

    it was cool nothing special or bad …i liked


  12. •◘Z○MG◘•

    Dope song, but tipical video…Big mansion with girls playing in the pool seen it x32145193264918262189341639813621893 times now…


  13. ugdhziuahd

    but this video… chris brown should refuse to turn in this

    and c.tilley is a great producer normally….


    they have to comme in france to get the temperature warmer!


  14. yep

    Love the Song!!!!… the video is cute & laid back. It suits the song which is Summer Jam Party and Summer Fun…


  15. Ice

    Perfect comeback song for Sean. Video was average, but effective.


  16. Kate

    Chris sucks ass so bad


  17. Candy

    Great summer song and the video was fun who cares if the setup has been seen before. Chris looked great and his dancing ass makes me want to dance I swear the boy can jam. Wizzy and Sean were cute too I just wish we could hear more of Sean’s sexy island accent him and CB almost sound the same but overall I think (hope) the song will do well! Nice groove Mr.Kingston!!!!!!!!


  18. Kalin

    Video is ok. Predictable. Love the song, with the exception of Wiz’s part.


  19. TheCreat1veOne

    Y’all, was I the only one who though that was Rocsi from 106 walking out in the beginning of the vid?! xD


  20. King B

    Leave him alone ok! bye now


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