New Music: Emeli Sandé & The Bryan Ferry Orchestra – ‘Crazy in Love’

Emeli Sandé

Beyoncé and André 3000 covered Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black,” and now Emeli Sandé takes on Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” for Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. The British sensation teams up with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra for a big band take on Bey’s 2003 smash.

Her jazzy cover, along with contributions from Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey,, and Fergie, will appear on the film’s star-studded soundtrack, available May 7.

What do you think of Emeli’s version of “Crazy in Love”? Listen and weigh in below.


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  1. Jaycortezz

    I like the 40′s Vibe to the Music..

    Thumbs Up.


    iL0vee__ Reply:

    @Jaycortezz, The movie gonna be popping!! Gonna be watching fitrst week….

    *Nice remake of the song by the way


  2. Jay

    I like how she made it her own, but she could’ve sung it with a stronger tone…But everybody insn’t as talented as B, soooooo whatever!


  3. RocMeOut

    sounds like some cover a person recorded for YouTube using an instrumental they found on YouTube. I’ll pass.


  4. bobs

    Emeli and Beyonce’s voices sound too similar to make this work. They should have gone with someone with a totally different voice and style.


    No It Doesnt Reply:

    @bobs, Get yo life and NO THEY DONT SOUND ALIKE. dnt u never ever compare Emeli to Beyoncé’s voice


    DeVonne Reply:

    @No It Doesnt, You felt that comment huh? lol. j/k They don’t sound alike but that’s not what bobs said. He said they were similar. She doesn’t sound like Beyonce but her voice is too close to Beyonce’s tone in the original to really distinguish the song as a Emeli remake instead of a Beyonce cover. That aside, I like this song and I absolutely love the Jazz tea’s I’m getting from this song! lol I’d actually really love to hear Christina Aguilera do this. No doubt she’d put her own “Aguilera-isms” into it and make it extra but I’d love to hear seeing as how I’m a fan of her Back to Basics era.


  5. mimi

    Love it, amazing.


  6. DKW

    The idea was clever.


  7. chris_shorts`

    of course no one is gonna like this because beyonce name is on it for some reason when people read beyonce on anything everything else atommaticly becomes uglt or sounds bad lol SMH BEYONCE FANS make her look bad… this song is great if u dumb asses read the book and seen the movie trailers you would understand the vibe their going for


  8. Summer

    This song dosen’t work for the vibe of the 20s/30s. It’s nice but the song is a Beyonce classic, and to me it doesn’t work with the jazz theme. Just sounds like a bad cover and it sucks b/c she’s actually a good artist.





  10. Ronie

    Um, it’s cool.


  11. Peyton

    She killed it!!!


  12. Piers-Knightly

    I really dont get some people here, people commenting on who is emeli to touch a beyonce song, lets just remember beyonce did a cover of Back to back that just didnt feel right in its vibe. whenever someone covers such a well known song it is never going to be as good or feel the same, crazy in love is beyonce’s signature song so we are going to have the original in our minds and its going to be hard to listen to this cover without some sort of comparison to the original. Both Beyonce and Emeli are great artist in their own ways and in the music they make, so when it comes to covering iconic songs its always going to be hard to listen to covers but that should never be a reflection on the talent that they both possess.


  13. valerie

    actually hated this


  14. Realistically

    I like how they re-did the beat to sound old school, but she should have switched up the melody during the verse because it doesn’t match; she sounds off-tune or something.


  15. @AveOneTheRocks



  16. kya_s

    The production and her vocals don’t work well together. Emeli’s voice is very diverse and I don’t think the vocal arrangement showcased it at all.

    On a side note, don’t try to sh*t on Emeli just because you may not be familiar with her. She’s a wonderful artist. One of the best to come out in recent years. Her voice is beautiful and she’s a hell of a writer/pianist.


  17. anthony J

    I love it, the beat is made new orleans ands its something new and original.


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