Video: Rita Ora – ‘Facemelt’

Rita Ora

Rita Ora lights up the screen in the artsy video for “Facemelt.” The blonde beauty serves up a whole lot of attitude and style as she parades in her designer wardrobe. She basks in red lights while seducing the camera in the clip, directed by famed photographer Rankin. The Switch-produced track can be found on her debut ORA.

[Hunger TV]

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  1. RihannaNavy

    She’s really really ugly


    BW Reply:

    @RihannaNavy, unless u haven’t seen How We Do (Party) or Shine Ya Light then u must be blind cause Rita Ora is the sexiest British female artist out right now.


  2. Zack

    Stupid red screen blocking her body. Well, now there’s no reason to watch this haha


  3. Bob

    Reminds me of Rihanna’s Rated R era. The beat on the song is pretty sick though.


    Fa Reply:

    you basic bitches talking about Rihanna …
    while Rihanna stole her whole album look from Madonnas video for Fever!
    You are the dumbest generation of music consumers in history!
    Get your homeworks done!
    Get ur facts right.
    Know legends!


    Bob Reply:

    @Fa, Madonna is shit why the fuck would I listen to that granny. Get the fuck off my dick


  4. 2bad2bme



  5. Joseph

    Cute song for once


  6. mumi

    She’s so annoying. Girl, bye. I’d have given you a chance but you kept copying Rih.


    BreezyLover Reply:


    Rihanna actually copied her.

    And Rita has reached so much so far with her first album. Rihanna never had this attention & success with her first album.



    Bout Dat life Reply:

    @mumi, Rihanna stole her style if anything Rita was dressing and making music like this then Rihanna was still singin umbrella …. GET CHA LIFE!


  7. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    2 Words — Pure Flop


    AAA Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, I wish everyone shutup with that word flop. It’s becoming annoying


    RitaBot Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG,
    3 Words – suck a dick


  8. AAA

    This song is better than her other songs released, but I’m still not feelin Rhiannas British understudy. her voice is to strong for the….whatever style music she is doing


  9. bobs

    Blatant Rihanna rip off top to bottom. Music to look. I literally thought I was watching her w/ music down.


  10. Kyle

    It’s weird that this song is only 1:40 long and that she would do a video for it. I actually enjoyed a lot of the songs off of “ORA”…she just chooses the wrong songs to showcase her talent.


  11. Rita Ora – Facemelt | Music Video | | Daily Magazine for Music, Fashion, Travel, Art & More!

    [...] Source: RapUp [...]

  12. ArchBishopOprah

    I cant wait for her new album…….. Unapologetic in stores soon!! and her Diamonds world tour!!!


  13. mimi



  14. Shade Thrown

    This is why i don’t like her! Rita is talented but she looks too much like Rihanna not to mention her swag is identical to Rihanna’s as well! Rihanna is too young to have a look-a-like meaning Rihanna is on top of the world right now, a carbon copy like Rita will not be as successful as she can be because there’s someone else doing the same who’s much more famous and globally liked!


  15. BeyHive

    Horrible.. just Horrible


  16. @AveOneTheRocks

    She’s too innocent. Not enough life experience.


  17. Morgan

    Her face looks just like Rihanna in those quick shots.. I think Rita has a good voice but she never chooses the right songs to perform, do music video’s for etc. I don’t enjoy majority of her music. To similiar to Rihanna. I’ve tried to give her a chance, but they are just way to similar. #CarbonCopy


  18. nomobetter

    oh i dont know about this one…. it just de ja vu….. i dont understand what all those marketing people are thinking about…


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