Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Shut Down Disneyland for 5th Anniversary

Mariah, Nick, and Dem Babies

Five years ago, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon surprised everyone by getting married in the Bahamas. On Tuesday, the couple celebrated their fifth anniversary with a fairytale ceremony at the Happiest Place on Earth. Nick Cannon went all out for the special occasion, shutting down Disneyland for his wife and children.

Around 250 guests including Jermaine Dupri, Da Brat, and songwriter Diane Warren arrived to watch the couple renew their vows in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle. The pop diva arrived fashionably late in a horse-drawn pumpkin-shaped carriage with her daughter Monroe, and met her Prince Charming, who was waiting with their son Moroccan.

“Happy 5th(!!!!!!) Anniversary to the Best Husband in All The Land & 2 years ago pon de delivery,” tweeted Mimi, who will release her new single “Beautiful” featuring Miguel on Monday, May 6.

Earlier in the day, they celebrated the second birthday of Dem Babies at the amusement park.

See more photos from their magical celebration below.

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  1. Ant

    I ADORE this woman! I don’t know what she’s been doing lately but she looks FANTASTIC. She’s looking slim and gorgeous lately. That video with her and Monroe is adorable too. Congrats to the happy couple!


  2. Jamie

    Mariah doing large!!!
    Splash de cash
    Keep doing your thing mami


  3. Rick

    Enjoyin life the fairytale way.
    Mariah has the perfect cinderella story


  4. mumi



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  6. Diego

    All the fags think bee is the queen think again Mariah is true queen


    CrownMe Reply:

    @Diego, YESSSS!


    WOWER Reply:

    @Diego, You have the ONLY negative comment in this post so far.

    BOTH of them shit on you entire life anyways, so what does matter, little bitch?

    Calling somebody a “fag”… You loose booty, carpet munching, toenail biting, bitter ass, yellow teeth having, fart-breath ho!

    Always have to bring somebody ELSE into a situation for validation. Can’t you just say “Mariah is the true queen.”?


  7. Mariah2013

    She does not look 43!! #Eternally12 #Beautiful


  8. occupygroundbeef

    lord she is gorgeous! That dress is beautiful! What a beautiful family.


  9. Skye

    I love it! Such a beautiful family. :)


  10. ShootingStars

    Childish and plain silly.


    DOSSOME Reply:

    @ShootingStars, I don’t see anything silly here…she’s renewing her wedding vows and celebrating her twins birthday..and she’s MARIAH CAREY on top of that


    Sebastian Reply:

    @DOSSOME, so fucking what? She’s not better than any other human just because she’s a celeb. It’s inconsiderate to shut the park down when other families want a chance to bond there and give kids memories.


    DOSSOME Reply:

    @Sebastian, Don’t even try that rubbish,it was at night and she hired the place for a few hours…so far no parent has complained and yes,she’s the fucking MARIAH CAREY and if she can afford it,what’s your problem?& she’s so much better than you and your hating ass



    So adorable…i love this woman and her kids.She’s simply at the happiest stage in her life


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