New Music: Chris Brown – ‘Give It Away’

Chris Brown

In honor of his upcoming 24th birthday, Chris Brown liberates a freaky new song for his fans. On the R-rated “Give It Away,” Breezy delivers some sexual commands to his girl.

“That’s my pu**y, baby/ You better not give it away,” he sings on the bedroom banger, which he previously performed live on tour.

“My birthday so ima give y’all free music that ain’t on the album. Y’all probably know this one,” tweeted Brown, who turns 24 on May 5.

His sixth album X arrives July 16.

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    EL Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, Pretty much.

    When he’s good, he’s really good. But all this latest material…he can keep.


    Cassive Reply:

    @#BEENTRILL, LOL I wouldn’t call him complete shit but recently he’s gotten really cheesy, he doesn’t really fit in, he needs a new image


    Lc Reply:

    It’s just free music, Fine China is relly good, and X gonna be his best album for sure.


    realhiphop Reply:

    @Lc, Thank God u paid attention


  2. EL

    All these forgettable, mediocre songs…keep ‘em coming, Christopher.



  3. poe

    I like….


  4. jay



  5. Kayla

    Background music sounds like something from Stomp The Yard


  6. Keep it cute

    lmfaoo such vulgar lyrics but yet i like this song. ugh I hope riri don’t give it away you sound mighty angry there bruh lol


  7. Chris

    “I Can’t Win” was amazing but this is straight up sh1t! He better not have songs like this on the album. Keep it mature and with class, like the lead single.


    iluvnicki Reply:

    @Chris, no he just said its something free but this shit right fucking here he should’ve kept to hiself. When Rihanna see him she need to slap his ass he must’ve lost his damn mind.


    AAA Reply:

    @Chris, I can’t win is alright…lets not get crazy


  8. s

    Woah!!!! breezy been snapping lately!!!!…sick tuuuuune!!!


  9. ColeSummmmmmer

    Ok, so it’s free…. I’m cool with it. “Fine China” all day though… maybe drop that next single after your B-day & a new visual.


  10. wonderland19

    Enjoy the music for what it is. Will i be replying this song?.. No.

    Anyways, looking forward to ‘X’ as i think this will be his best work yet judging by ‘Fine China’. This era seems to be about lyrics and old school live instruments with a modern twist. Chris has never had a problem of creating amazing songs but i think this era will produce some classics.
    Bring on July 16th!


  11. Alex

    Dope song! fuck all haters, that’s that.


    Hank Reply:

    @Alex, Nice to see Chris let one of his gay stans take a break from dickriding lol


  12. Ethan

    Fuck man, y’all some idiots lol

    this is a free song, not even close to album material.

    Fine China slays and y’all know it. The album is gonna be more towards the direction of FC not this shit. It’s free music and that’s that. Jesus


  13. @AveOneTheRocks



  14. Trick Daddy/ D-Train

    I cant win is better….and f* these high notes he be trynna hit wack ass falsetto JT, Robin Thick, Dream got it on lock


  15. Hov

    all these songs suck


  16. Neickha

    yess topher yess I’ve been waiting


  17. ...

    these are not song that gone be on the album or make you think this how album gone be. this is just free music for is fan to have that all.. this song is dope…


  18. turquoise.

    This is everything thats wrong with contemporary R&B…hot beat and melody, but the lyrics are trash.


  19. kandy

    i.m here for this cuz we know he sending rihanna a message. Any music with the artist speaking real ish and from the heart is cool with me and X will be different

    for real though, ‘i can’t win gots to be on ‘X’ that sheesh was deep


  20. joe

    girls love beyonce sh*t allll over this garbage. drake bodied and buried this n!gga.


    cici Reply:

    @joe, what dose girl love beyonce have do with you like this song?


  21. BRIANA



  22. And Your Point IS?

    all this free music and Free is exactly what the shit sounds like. This “Give It Away” is -__- #comeonson


  23. kate

    he wants to be miguel


    kiki Reply:

    @kate, how dose he want be like miguel you make no sense. it just free music that all… miguel and chris brown do two different type music.this music right here sound nothing like what miguel would of done…..


  24. Bitch Dwntkillmyvibe

    I’m not surprised this didn’t make the album tbh.


    tune Reply:

    @Bitch Dwntkillmyvibe, it was never intended to be on the album, it’s just free music


  25. #RihannaNAVi

    yes i like it, way better than fine china and that other new song of his.


    Bitch Dwntkillmyvibe Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, Shh.


  26. Miszi

    “I can’t win” is great, this is good musically but the lyrics are probably the worst I’ve heard from him.


  27. Beyonce



  28. maya

    his music is so wack it hurt! He needs new writers…


  29. Croqque

    I love this. Been bumping it all weekend. Haters stay pressssed


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