Janelle Monáe Breaks Into Dance Frenzy on ’106 & Park’

Janelle Monáe

After premiering her music video for “Q.U.E.E.N.” on “106 & Park,” Janelle Monáe brought the visuals to life on air. She kicked off her stilletos and danced barefoot in her black-and-white suit to her Erykah Badu-assisted single, making her way from the couch into the audience to dance with her bow tie-wearing fans. Even Bow Wow got in on the fun.

“I just love performing. I love being an artist. I don’t take one day for granted,” said Janelle, who has done similar performances for the First Family.

“We party like this at the White House, honestly. There are pictures of me on Valerie Jarrett’s table just acting out,” she said.

Expect more funky jams like “Q.U.E.E.N.” on Janelle’s upcoming album The Electric Lady, due this summer. “Ya’ll will be able to understand me a little more,” she said. “I just love raw energy, honest, unpredictable.”

Watch Janelle’s impromptu dance party below.

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  1. jay$$

    Yess!!!!!!!!!!! She was turnt to the max. What other celebrity would’ve done this? Oh. I’ll wait.


    parkerjonesj Reply:

    @jay$$, Fantasia. Wait over.


    TheQueenIsHere Reply:

    @parkerjonesj, oop lmaooo let them know.


  2. Ladd

    In the pic the girl host is like “ho sit cho ass down”


    Ursula Reply:

    @Ladd, Just like we want you to “sit cho ass down”


    CJ Reply:

    @Ladd, LMAOOOOOO “girl host”


  3. Rob

    I like her, she is nice but she loves herself too much and this will not end good…


    Shaytan Reply:

    @Rob, You are a waste of Internet space! She is one of few artist actually out teaching women to love themselves. If you have listened to any of her interviews or speeches this woman is powerful. She loves herself and teaching others to love themselves.


    Rob Reply:

    @Shaytan, What are you talking about? If you love yourself too much this will end bad… you’re like all other humans in this world and not special. Because she is a singer don’t make her special but she acts like so…


    Kenny Reply:

    @Rob, self-appreciation is not harmful if it’s associated with the right intentions, and basically there aren’t any flaws to be found in that of Janelle Monae. She’s bringing a good message out there


  4. Kyle

    This woman is naturally high. Other artists would’ve needed alcohol or other uppers in their system to do what Janelle did on that stage. No shame in her game and that’s why Janelle is who she is. AMAZING!


  5. kate

    omg she is crazy i love her. and she thinks that she is the best and she really is


  6. Kim

    Man I wish I was there, this song just gives me life cause it sounds solo fresh compared to what’s out right now. Can you imagine this live @ the BET Awards???

    Straight fiya!!!!!!!!!


  7. Kim

    Janelle is the true definition of TURN UP#

    She geniually ses excited


  8. LALA



  9. No Question

    Love it! i support her music


  10. Usher

    That’s my boo. So much fun, so much humor which every woman should have.


  11. fa

    no short skirt
    no tons of fake hair
    no tits and ass
    no house of dereon
    and talent
    girls need to look up to women like that


  12. JJ

    Yessss! This song is everything and you can tell Janelle’s spirit is pure. I can’t WAIT TO SEE HER PEFORM IT LIVE!!’


  13. xxx

    mh seemed a little staged to me


  14. Kimberly

    I love her and I love this song. She was all the way turnt up and I love her energy


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